Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Frazer Christmas Brunch 2013

Well, it is time again to show you examples of pure decorating wizardry or as I prefer to refer to it "those blessed by the artistic gifts on parade."  The first Saturday of December is dedicated to this event which features a fabulous brunch, tables decorated in a manner that would make the Southern Living editors Grinch green with envy, and speakers who teach us everything from flower arranging to how to do Christmas right by focusing on Advent rather than the trappings of Christmas.  (And in case you missed it, here's the two minute video she showed that pretty much says it all...)

The actual fun begins on Friday, where after weeks of preparation, the Kitchen Elves prepare the food that will be cooked on Saturday morning and get the tablecloths on the various tables...which is the blank canvas for the centerpieces, place settings, and the like that the Table Fairies turn into something truly magical.

This year, this endeavor was headed up by Barbara Christenberry, Frances Carr and Sandi Justice, and there were approximately 260 attendees.  Seeing as there were eight at each table in spite of the SEC Championship Game that day in Atlanta (because War Eagle Nation was "ALL IN"), this was a remarkable turnout and also tells you how many Table Fairies were busy at work.  Here are the tables in no particular order because I had to go back and photograph a few tables over again after the candles were lit or after something was added.  So, if you spot your table here and it is not presented in all of its glory...just recognize that I did my best.  Plus, I'd been up since 3:15 a.m. and was a little bit punchy all day.

Here we go...
This is my table.  Yes, I upgraded the chargers this year and Erin supplied the ribbon to make the little bows on the napkins.  Those are little burlap trees and my Spode Christmas Tree china.  The little red and gold trees were acquired from the Dollar Tree.  The gold flowers around the centerpiece were loaned to me at the last minute.  This photo was actually taken before the Santa favors were added...but I wanted to start with mine.  :)

Okay, FINE, a close-up of my centerpiece because I thought it turned out really cute.  :)

This whimsical but lovely table was done by my Special Apple #1, Erin.  Isn't it beautiful with the red and the Grinch green!  She ordered that cute chevron table runner with her initial on each end and that sucker is reversible.  Yay for Etsy!  I thought Erin did a beautiful job with her creation!  :)

This table was done by my friend, Jane Allen.  She used natural rosemary and lovely chargers and placecards.  So lovely!

This charming table had cute little favors for the guests.  

One of my very favorite tables...the centerpiece looked like a little town with trees laden with ornaments and little birds on the branches.  Paired beautifully with the china and the napkin rings that had a bible verse on them.  

This table was done by Donna Oliphint who never fails to WOW us with her creations.  She made the ceramic centerpiece figures and although you can't see it in this photo, the plates have different bible verses on them.  On top of the plates, was a wrapped bible for her guests to take to give to someone else along with possibly a gift card this season.  So intentionally lovely all the way around.

Closeup of the place setting because YES.  Just yes.  

Another lovely Spode china presentation, but with cute little wrapped gifts and pinecones in the middle.  Such a lovely centerpiece!

Another table that I just loved...done by Elizabeth Mosley.  Yes, those nests are real and the centerpiece is just gorgeous.  

Closeup of Elizabeth's place setting.

Another beautiful table done with non-Christmas china.  Gifts of gold as the centerpiece.

This arrangement used both red chargers and gold placemats and a silk floral arrangement as the centerpiece.  Lovely!

This table was actually a group effort.  The centerpiece was made with things that I brought to do my table that I didn't use.  Three mercury glass candles and a velvet tree skirt along with donated greenery and china and chargers belonging to Sandi Justice.  Those are my napkins too...we used four of the red and green poinsettia and four plain red ones to add some interest.  It turned out really lovely for something totally unplanned!

Here's a closeup of the centerpiece.  

A very nice presentation with a pretty real poinsettia as the centerpiece.  

This was also one of my favorites...put together by my uber-creative friend, Nedra McMullin. She found the deer at Cracker Barrel and the trees at Hobby Lobby in case you are wondering.  She used plain white plates with scalloped edges and a burlap and gold cloth and three levels to create this masterpiece.  Amazing.  :)

A closeup of Nedra's table setting.

And these favors?  Yes, Nedra painted those.  Lucky recipients!

This table was done by my friend Carol Bryant.  Beautiful!  

Pretty table with beautiful red pillar candles!

A lovely table using the Holly pattern and fresh flowers on a red tablecloth.  

Another favorite...an all-white "Winter Wonderland" presentation  So beautiful!

Table setting of the Winter Wonderland table.

This gorgeous table was done by my friend, Brenda Teal, who used burlap, cards, and greenery with a Joshua tree.  Absolutely beautiful table that I loved seeing!

Lovely table with glass and mirror centerpiece.

This table featured a cross as the centerpiece.  Breathtaking!

Another lovely table with a live arrangement and candy cane favors.

Beautiful table with dark red to red and light green to dark green.  So pretty!

This centerpiece featured a merry-go-round and pretty candy cane favors.  

A closeup of the carousel and the snow globes.  

This is another picture of Nedra's table because I couldn't quit photographing it.  :)

This beautiful table was done by Special Apple #3, Kymi Walker.  I think I have that right!  Love the deer and the poinsettia centerpiece that she used with the china and chargers.

Closeup of her centerpiece.

This table was done by Robin Boyd and was intended to be a "Vintage Christmas" arrangement.  Look at the beautiful pastel ornaments and the pretty nativity set she used.  I love the plates and the simplicity...yet it is gorgeous!

A closeup of Robin's centerpiece.  I was honestly enthralled with it.

This one was done by my sweet friend, Frances Carr, who had the theme "Hats Off to You"  Such a fun centerpiece!

This centerpiece was a tree with Santas.  Charming!

Loved the use of the poinsettias on the napkin rings and the plates.  

Pretty centerpiece with an angel and candles.

I loved this table and the "crackers" that the hostess put out that added a touch of gold "bling" to her table.  

A close up of the place setting.

Food line...before...

Another one of Elizabeth's table because I couldn't resist.  :)

A place setting that I described earlier...wandered back over because I loved the tablescape so much!  

A close-up of the little village table from earlier.

Another closeup of some items on my table.  :)

Carol Bryant's table FINISHED.  :)

Okay, he's sideways, but that was Big Dave helping with the food the morning of the brunch.  Because he totally rocks.

Here's Larry Bryant (Big Dave is in the background) overseeing the gazillion sausage balls that had to be cooked.  Larry was amazing during the brunch.  He was everywhere fixing everything yet attempting to stay invisible.  Kudos to him!

My finished table WITH the Santas that Donna Oliphint acquired for me so I could offer a favor to my sweet guests.  Added just the right touch, don't you think?

Here's Dianne Corwin, Sandi Justice and Frances Carr.  These women did a fabulous job of pulling this together.  Missing in action is Barbara Christenberry...but we couldn't have done it without her and all of the others who cooked, put tables together, or helped clean up.  

Here's Miss Rolena Prescott - the heart of Frazer's Food Ministry putting together her beautiful table.

Here I am with my 3 Special Apples...Erin Gowan (#1), Amanda Chapman (#2) and Kymi Walker (#3).  Although I had NOTHING to do with the fact that these ladies are so inclined, I think I was the only mentor with all of my Apples doing their own tables!  Made me proud that they are involved in the Women's Ministry!  All three of them did a beautiful job with their tables, and Kymi also helped out in the kitchen on Friday (and according to one Barbara Christenberry...was her right arm).  Way to go sweet girls! So proud to know you!  :)

A better photo because you can see more of them and less of me!

This table was done by Jennifer Corwin - SuperMom of 5 children under 7 and a sweet friend.  Love how she pulled it together!  But that wasn't her only table...

She also did this table and used her Advent wreath and some beads as decoration.  Her mother, Dianne Corwin, brought the red glasses and the napkin rings which just tied it all together beautifully.

Here's an up-close photo of Frances Carr's table...

This is Amanda Chapman (Special Apple #2)'s table.  She did a beautiful job!

Yeah, another photo of my table.  Okay, FINE, I was proud.  :)

Here's a photo as we were getting started.  It was so much fun to welcome approximately 260 women to the brunch...and on an SEC Championship weekend with Auburn playing!

These cinnamon bites totally rocked.  Mary Glen Grant's recipe.  :)

Pecan pie muffins.  Yes, please.  :)


My precious friend Judy Crews and her beautiful mother-in-law, Elsie Crews.  Loved the tree in the background.  Made a great photographic background for everyone!

Our HILARIOUS and wonderful speaker - children's minister at Frazer.  LOVED her presentation.

Some of my sweet friends (Stephanie, Bonnie and Sharon) at my table.
Thanks for coming by to see the tables...and if you did so to see if you want to sign up next year...please let me encourage you to do so.  It will be a lot of fun and you will meet new friends in the process and get more involved.  Just pencil in the first Saturday in December in 2014.

Hope to see you there!