Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To My Future Daughter-In-Law

I don't know your name, what you look like, or what it is that you are investing your time in tonight. You may be laughing hysterically to YouTube videos, studing for your English test, or talking with your Mom about the dress you plan to wear to Homecoming. For all I know, you may be in junior high school and wondering if this will be the month that you finally get your braces off or your folks agree to let you go to the movies with a group of your friends.

It is a Wednesday night as I sit here writing this, and I suppose I hope that you have been to your Youth Group somewhere tonight and that you sang praise songs and bowed your head and asked God to help you make wise choices. That you had a good friend sitting beside you who has your back and isn't afraid to tell you when you are getting too close to the edge of the pit. I hope that you have a beautiful voice and that you sing like an angel...but it isn't that important to me if you don't. What I care about most is that the words that come from your mouth are words of life...full of wisdom, honesty, and encouragement.

I hope that you have a family that has nurtured you, protected you, and is involved in everything that you do. Perhaps you are a go-getter who is headstrong and driven or maybe you are a quiet young woman who thinks before she speaks. Somehow, I honestly believe that you will be both.

I would be willing to bet that you are organized and tidy, and that you appreciate your possessions. Perhaps it is because you worked for them, or maybe it is because you understand the sacrifices that your parents made on your behalf. I suppose that I know my son well enough to know that he won't be interested in a young woman who is careless with her resources. He will be looking for someone who is not looking for someone to give her everything she wants...but instead will be looking for someone who values everything she has. Talents, gifts, and of course...him.

I know that life is difficult for girls these days. There is so much jealousy, drama, and careless words being tossed around. I hope that you have learned that people aren't perfect...and just because they say something negative to or about you...doesn't make it so. Even if those people are adult women who think that running you down will elevate them or their daughters. I hope that you stay strong, believe what God says about you, and that you keep believing that my son is out here waiting for you...and that you'll wait for him instead of trying to make everything fall into place prematurely.

Because he is waiting. And as his mother...I assure you, he's worth it. Some of what he has taken with grace and patience in this life has prepared him for something amazing later on. I believe that he will do great things, and that God will bless his efforts. He has friends, but he also knows what it is like to be on the outside looking in. Since God wastes nothing that he allows in our lives, I know that what we see as hurdles, He saw as preparation.

Oh, I'm sure that one day when you two meet...he will be smitten with your sweet face and beautiful smile. For all I know, you may already have met. But one day, you will see in him everything that I do, and will pick up where I will have to leave off. He is an amazing young man, and will cherish you with everything that he has when the time is right. That's the legacy of this family, and he will want to continue the tradition. He just isn't ready for you yet...which is why I suppose that you are wherever you are...and he is here playing on the computer that he bought with money he worked for and getting ready to do his AP Calculus homework.

I have no idea what you look like, what your interests will be, or where you grew up. I do know that you will have an inner spiritual strength that is beautiful and inviting. You are probably bright and hopefully are even a little bit of a nerd. Yes, I want smart grandchildren...but he will want a life partner who can keep him on his toes. He is interested in I'm pretty sure you probably are as well.

I hope that wherever you are tonight that you know that there is a family in Alabama that has been praying for you for years. We have loved you forward by cherishing the idea of you. We feel like we'll know you when we meet you, and until then...we are happy to know that you are out there somewhere. Waiting...

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