Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Challenges: Exhibit A: Weenie Beenie

Now before you think I've lost my mind...I have to go ahead and confess that I have been dreading getting to tonight's post.  I've been using something a little unconventional for inspiration and it led me to well...THIS POST.  Before you go all "what IS she writing about?" or get on Urban Dictionary to check this out...just know that this post will be short...but it will suffice to fulfill what I set out to do.  And why no, this post WON'T be about what you'll find defined there.  That being said...

There really is a place called "Weenie Beenie" located in Arlington, VA.  I've never been there, and can't even think of any reason why I would.  But it's there if the internet is to be believed.

Oh, I could have written about beenie weenies...but that wasn't tonight's assignment.  Had it been, I might have launched into a story about how Big Dave survived off of beenie weenies for three days at the YMCA in Houston, Texas because he was flat broke...but I'll have to let that be his story someday.  On another occasion, he survived off of deviled crab from his parents' freezer (they used to own a seafood store).  Hey, times were hard in the early 1980s!  It wasn't the Great Depression...but it wasn't nirvana either.  Especially when you are about twenty-one years old, your job is unpredictable, and your parents have moved to Arkansas...and you are in Alabama.

See, Big Dave is a survivor.  Being a survivor is apparently in direct opposition to being a "foodie."  He ate ham and cheese sandwiches (mustard on the cheese side, mayonnaise on the ham side) every day for six years before I started changing him up to various types of turkey, bread, and cheeses.  He couldn't have cared less...but it made me feel better since I can't eat the same thing for three days in a row without getting bored.  If I actually have to...I'll just stop eating it altogether through some bizarre aversion therapy that can go on for years.

Sadly, this doesn't work with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Trust me on this.

My challenge was to get through this post...and now I have.  Later on, I'll explain.  And if you figure it out in the meantime...good for you!  I do love a challenge...and figuring out a way to get this out here was certainly one for me. 

Thanks for reading!

Weenie Beenie, Arlington, VA
Here's a picture of "Weenie Beenie" in Arlington, VA.  See!  It's really there.  :)

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  1. I'm not able to figure this out unless it has to do with one thing actually being another. Otherwise, I am awaiting to learn from you??