Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rebel - Future Guest Blogger

My friend Andrea suggested that a blogpost needed to be written from the perspective of Rebel, my 7 year old shih tzu/yorkie mix.  Rebel is brown, gold and black and very cute.  I'm sure that he would have appreciated a nice name like "Buddy" - but he was named after my high school football team.  I mean, come on, people, I live in Alabama, and about every 10th person names their dogs Rebel and Dixie.  I am no different.

Rebel is very cute, but don't let those innocent "Precious Moments" looking eyes fool you.  He is a sweet dog and loves to sit on your lap...but he is also frequently described as being...well...a bit psycho.   He has his "ways" and some of them are truly bizarre.  I'm pretty sure that if Rebel existed in human form...he would sport a mullet.  Yes, in 2011.  And why yes, I DO believe he looks a little bit like Billy Ray Cyrus back in the day.

Rebel is the father of 12 puppies...Bo and Luke (named after the Duke brothers) and ten puppies named after country music singers.  Although many (okay...MOST) of the people changed their names as soon as humanly possible, a few of them still have their original names.  Hank, Willie (now Buddy), Toby (still Toby), Billy Ray (now Billy), Reba, Patsy, Dolly (now Abby), Shania (now Maggie Shania), Merle (now Buddy), and Brad (now Rebel) are living all over the southeast. 

I figured with parents named Rebel and Dixie...what else was I supposed to name the offspring?  After race car drivers?  Southern war generals?   

His "wife" is our other dog, Dixie, a white shih tzu that is the daughter of my folks' dog, Bradley.  Bradley's other daughter (from another litter) is the folks' other dog, Daisy...who just happens to be Rebel's sister on the mother's side. 

I know, I know.  This is Alabama...not West Virginia. 

Most people don't really care...but I personally think it is cool that their dog Daisy is related to both of my dogs as well as their other dog.  Unfortunately, we have pretty much determined that some of Rebel's craziness is indeed hereditary.  His sister (from another litter...since Rebel's father was an ancient yorkie who was obviously NOT past his prime as was common belief) is a little bit nuts herself.

Sweet...but nuts.

Anyway, I thought before you received any blogpost written from Rebel's perspective, you ought to at least be somewhat familiar with who he is as a person  He is very smart...and knows how to do tricks.  Don't believe me?  Well, check out this cheesy video.

Rebel has a thing about the red rug in this video.  I replace them at Target frequently...but they have to be red and they have to be there or he gets despondent.  He obviously has a "thing" about the red carpet, don't you think?  After viewing this...I think I need to get right on replacing these.  Looking a little ratty, I must say. 

Rebel also has some issues with the current Travelers' Insurance commercial.  I filmed him "responding" to it, but I don't have six hours for my computer to upload that little gem. 

So, let's see if Rebel will be a good guest blogger.  It may only happen if I can get him to quit guarding the dish of Alpo that he clearly doesn't want...but isn't about to move in case Dixie thinks she is going to swoop in there and relieve him of that problem. 

Super guard dog.  Red carpet lover.  Possibly a little touched.  That's my Rebel.  Stay tuned...

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