Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Life As I've Known It Lately

Sometimes life seems really busy.  Lately, I seem to have all of my moments scheduled...and have been living in a perpetual state of exhaustion.  I think that there are a lot of people who have a lot more on their respective plates than I do...but I can't speak for them.  I can only whine for myself. 

And just so you know...if you find yourself praying for a stomach virus, minor surgery or a hysterectomy...chances are that you need a week of vacation.  Possibly two. 

Trust me on this.

A few weeks ago, I realized that some of the vacation days I had planned to take weren't going to I decided to schedule a week off.  Since everyone else I knew had a routine of their own, was working, in school, or something...and I was too broke to actually go anywhere fabulous, I had my first "staycation" in something like five years.  Most of the time off I take is because I am traveling, participating in something, have company, or it is Christmas.  Not this week.

Saturday was spent traveling to Tuscaloosa to see Jill and to tailgate with friends.  I was able to see Jill's sweet, pretty friend, Emily ride on the back of a convertible as this year's University of Alabama Homecoming Queen.  How cool is that?  The food was good (Moe's) at the tailgate...and we got to visit with Jill for a little while.  The weather was glorious...a little too warmish for this time of year (anything above 60 after October 1st annoys just know that) and we got home in time to watch the game on TV.  I won't go into the stop we made in Maplesville to eat that was a fail.  It matters not.  I was on day 1 of vacation!

And why yes, we do actually drive five hours to tailgate and see our daughter. 

We got up on Sunday, went to church, Sunday school...and then...wait, whoa.

Sunday again.

The week just flew by as any day Monday through Friday does except when you are actually at work.  I believe that this is because the collective wishing for Friday speeds time up for those who are not at work while making it seem slower for those who are.  Or something like that.

It has made me think though...this concept of blazing quick weeks whipping being July one minute...and November the next.  Hanging on for dear life on the roller coaster of life as it seems a lot faster on this side of the hill than it did on the climb.  I mean, my daughter just registered for her final semester of college.  My two nephews and one of my nieces on the Mixon side are married, one of my nephews has a precious one year old boy, and my niece is about to have a baby boy any day now.

She's seriously wishing that time would fly by.  Can't say that I blame her. 

Wasn't I just at the hospital when they were born?  Didn't they just graduate from high school?  From college? 

Oh my.

I think about all that I still want to do in life and how little time I have - relatively speaking - to do it all should I be fortunate enough to be blessed with longevity.  I want to use it all up...see what I what I should...and love everybody like crazy while I'm here.

Next week I have a few more days off from my stash of vacation days...and I am looking forward to actually getting to do nothing much but rest.  And write.  Pray.  Think.

But I've been thinking about some things that I want to do on this blog...some areas of life that I want to explore because beginning in March...I'll be 49...and starting my 50th year.

50.  A zero birthday.  I honestly need a year to just gear up for that at the rate time flies.

So, check back over the next few days for some ideas I have to try to get decluttered...find some joy...and live more simply.  I don't know everything...but I do know that when you seek those things in life...God has a lovely way of rewarding your effort.  Actually, I'd prefer this to the surgery and the stomach virus if truth be told.

Hope you'll join me for the journey.  I'm back.  Hope you are too.

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