Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Years

On April 17, 2009, I sat down at the same computer from which I am writing this and started navigating through the world of blogging.  I actually started this earlier in e-mails to friends, or to a series on my "Apples of Gold" experience called "The Reluctant Apple." I have thought about putting it here...but it was written when I was 45 years old...and I think you just had to be there.

In fact, I just looked back and I meant to put it on here in 2009, actually.  It is still a "draft" along with three other half written posts that I'd either lost interest in or totally forgotten about.  The other 480 plus or minus posts have been made over this time period.

That amazes me, by the way.

For two reasons...that I have that much to write about and that anybody actually cares to read my thoughts.

I have written about everything from colors to Christmas to cantatas.  From Foo Fighters to Favorite Things to FTD.  My dog, Rebel, has even been a guest blogger. 

Sometime in 2011, I figured out how to add pictures and videos...and that has just totally broadened my horizons. 

My goal when I sat down three years ago was to have a place to sit and ponder, to whine and moan, and to explore life's joys and curveballs.  The blog doesn't really have a point...and those who read it are doing so out of kindness to an old friend or because they have a minute or two to just sit down and waste reading what I write. 

Sometimes I hear from people that something I have written here has hit a nerve...or made them think...or brought them joy.  I like to think that those are the times when God uses this medium to touch people in ways that is sometimes impossible to do in a two way conversation.  I know that it is He who gave me the desire to write...and it is He who pretty much dictates what shows up on here. 

I say "pretty much" because sometimes my inner Towanda takes over.  Yes.

But most of the time what you will find at My Points In Time points in time.  Whatever is going on in my life...or in the life of my family or friends.  Many of you have inspired me by something you've said...or because you have asked for my take on this or that.  I am honored when you delighted when you comment...and am awed when you share.  I realize that I am just a solitary person living a life that has been better than worse and who is going through all of the ordinary things so many other people do.  I just feel the need to put it out here for everyone to read and comment about whenever you choose.

Which, sometimes, is not always ideal.

I have hurt peoples' feelings by something that I've said that was misinterpreted on here.  I may have had something in mind when I wrote it...but find that it could apply to other situations as well.  Usually after I've written it and the damage is done.  But people who know my heart understand that this is an occupational hazard, so to speak.  I cannot possibly think through everything I write...or I'd never put anything out here.  Which is why you will often find spelling, punctuation, subject/verb agreement issues, or the wrong tense of a verb. I try to be careful...but I don't strive to be perfect. 


But the lessons I have learned from doing this have been pretty interesting.  And although I haven't written as much in the past year as I did in the first two...I have been exploring other interests.  I took a year off from doing things that I dearly love doing...such as scrapbooking...because I wanted to spend more time doing other things that I hadn't made time to do.  I've been trying to spend my time intentionally...and have tried not to feel guilty when I'd rather just go to bed than sit up and write.

This from a night owl...I know...blasphemy!

There are a lot of people I'd like to thank for always being supportive...for checking those little boxes at the bottom of each blogpost just so I know that someone was here.  To the 47 people who "follow" the blog and the 228 people who have "liked" it on Facebook.  To the people who comment frequently...and the ones who send me the private messages to tell me that something I wrote was particularly meaningful or funny to them.

I never know what a given post is going to be could be an essay, a rendition of something that happened, or a Sunday School lesson.  I know not every time I sit down here to write.  Including this time. 

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank YOU for being here for me.  For your comments and your love and the time that you take to read.  For gently nudging me to write more...or not so gently nudging me (you know who you are :)). 

You are part of the reason that I do this, you know. 

The true part, though, is that God created me to express myself through words.  I've been a poet and an avid letter writer for many years.  Almost as long as I can remember if truth be told.  So consider this blog an ongoing letter to you and to the world.  I just want to try to honor God with what is on here content-wise.

Happy Anniversary My Points In Time!  Three years.  Wow.

And thank you for always. 


  1. I've looked forward to reading them every time and am sad when you go for a stretch without writing. I really think you need to publish the "one that started it" for everyone to read. And I "clicked" a reaction just for you!

  2. I love reading your blog! Even the funny entries have wonderful grains of Godly truths woven throughout the story. You possess amazing talent! Thanks!

  3. THANK YOU!!! Beve, yes, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! haha! And Bobbi...SO glad that we have reconnected...albeit only virtually for now. THANK YOU! :)

  4. I think I get alittle credit for telling you you should start blogging. You ahve so pasted me in post it's not even funny!!! YOu are awesome.