Sunday, February 24, 2013

Attention, Lying, and Whatever...January 2013

Well, January 2013 was a really big month for liars.  And before you roll your eyes and think I'm going to get all political with this can think again.  I am fairly certain that everyone knows where I stand with regard to the political landscape...and to point a finger would mean that I'd pretty much have to point at everyone hanging out in Washington D.C.

So, moving on...

This year started out with confessions about sports cheating (I'm looking at you Lance Armstrong), fake girlfriends, a hyped up Notre Dame football team, and Beyonce lip syncing the national anthem at the inauguration.  Most of us are pretty stunned that some of this has come out...but in this "let it all hang out" society...where people are putting photos of their cute (but naked) children on Instagram, where we are acutely aware of Lindsey Lohan's arrest record, and where flaunting your money, sexual escapades and trips to the gynecologist are pretty much standard was just a matter of time.

I know that back in the day, people kept their business to themselves.  And people lived and died by their abilities.  I think that most people know that Beyonce has the ability to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" - but she apparently thought that failing to show up for rehearsal and then actually trying to do it on her own might somehow be a "fail."  

And heaven knows we can't have that.

I think that some of my best lessons in life were learned by failure.  Just ask Big Dave and years of attempted biscuit making.  He'll tell you that we don't need an arsenal around here when we could just whip up a batch of biscuits to fight them off.  All I'd have to do is aim for their head...and they'd be out cold.  

Sometimes failing makes us want to be better.  And it doesn't mean that we are failures.  It just means that we haven't found the particular recipe for success.  So, we'll try out again next year...resolved to make the team.  We will get some tutoring so that we can actually pass Algebra.  We recognize that we are not as gifted as we think we are...and we learn to do something else instead...while learning to appreciate the talents that God gave other people.  Some people get stuck at that place...where they envy anyone else who is successful while failing to take time to develop their own abilities.  In fact, you probably know them their bitterness.

It was years before I realized that I was pretty average at almost spite of the gift of lessons and the time I spent trying to learn everything from how to sing to twirl a baton.  Average is't bad...average is...well, average.  It means that I'm better than some and worse than others.  And that's okay.  Yes, I am average in a great many are most people that I know...and I've come to realize that I only truly suck at a few.

And boy do I suck at those few.

I always wanted to be able to belt out a song...but my voice has no range.  So, I sing in church and I go silent on any note higher than an E.  Because - frankly - I don't want to rile up the dogs in the neighborhood...or get a glance from the folks sitting around me on the pew.  I am not necessarily afraid to sing...and I can carry a tune.  I just can't "sing."  But I am a huge supporter of those who can.  God blessed them to do it...and gave them the capacity to bring joy to others with that gift.  

Yes, yes, even at a cantata.  

I wanted to be athletic...but I don't really have that in me either.  I have no hand-eye games like tennis and softball are out.  I can't play golf, either, although a boss and coworker tried to teach me one time.  I am, however, quite excellent at driving the cart.  I've learned that I can do aerobics classes because I have rhythm (score!), I understand enough about what exercises work what muscles, and I love being sore from pushing myself to the next level.  I tried basketball in high school...thankfully, the ball was big enough...but I cannot shoot without looking like I'd be more comfortable doing a granny shot.  Probably because that's true.

I finally learned how to twirl a baton...but after high school.. or at the most college....there really isn't that much of a call for baton twirlers.  And the thought of wearing a leotard at this point in time is beyond comical.

But back in the day...


What I have finally settled on is that I love to write.  Give me a subject...and let me go.  It can be letters, calligraphy, or even this blogpost, and I am happy.  When I was young, I used to write poetry.  It was sad and heartfelt, and was a kind of therapy for me.  Maya Angelou, I was not, but being able to put words on paper - or into a typewriter (in the early days) and now into a computer - is what God put me here to do (in addition to caring for my family, my friends, and whatever else it is that I do).  But I'm not so naive as to think that what I do couldn't be better if edited properly.

And I suppose that is what Beyonce was thinking when she went with the taped performance instead of relying on her own gift.  She wanted it to be a perfect offering.  I don't really listen to her anymore - yes, because of her political views - but I can understand it somewhat.  But, I would have felt a lot better about it had she actually shown up for rehearsal on the day before like she was supposed to instead of just throwing out the excuse she used.  At least I would have found it believable instead of the comments of a prima donna who had the audacity to name her child Blue Ivy.

We all want to be loved and to be significant.  We want to put our best out there...and we want people to give us their best as well.  Those desires are ingrained deep within us.  And when we think we must...sometimes we want it so much that we will take extreme measures to get there.  When I think of the attention that the fake girlfriend has gotten Manti Teo and any attention aimed at the Kardashians...who I honestly do not understand at all...I'm convinced that this is probably going to get worse as society turns more and more away from God and more and more toward the world.

On a brighter note...I do find it refreshing when people are just who they are apologetically. They aren't in your face about it...but they just have to let you know what you are dealing with up front.  I've recently met a couple of these people who have a few bruises on the apple...but they have learned to leave it to you to realize that not accepting them for said bruises really isn't their problem.  It has been a bit of an education, to tell you the truth.  Because they want to be loved and feel significant even though they are making the best of choices that they've made or had thrust upon them.     

So, in that light, I'll try not to blame Beyonce for her performance, or even Manti for his complete and utter lack of discernment.  Because, honestly, we all have fallen short of our best and we've been grateful when we've been loved at our worst.  After all...who am I do judge?


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