Friday, April 12, 2013

Open Doors

It is currently 5:56 a.m. and I am listening to the sound of the birds chirping outside and sitting here in almost total darkness.  I can feel the temperature outside and it is cool and inviting.  I know this because I left the door open when I let the dogs out because it feels so much better outside than inside since we are so anti-air conditioning until the last conceivable moment every Spring.  I'd go outside and sit and take this delicious coffee and sip it quietly while tapping on this laptop, but why do that when I can enjoy everything from here?  Simply by opening the door.

I have always loved open doors.  Bosses who say "come on in" instead of leaving you languishing outside the door while they finish a conversation.  People with storm doors or screen doors who leave the main door open so that they can let light or air in.  Or the generous soul who anticipates your arrival and hops up or stays put so that you can walk through an open door .  Especially when you have a stroller or your hands are full.

In my job as a banker, I've seen that I'm not alone in my love of an open door.  I've seen churches with that name, and I've had customers wander in my office and ask for assistance.  Not that I could help most of them since my customer base is actually the employees of the bank.  But every once in a while, the phone will ring and someone will ask for my help and I'm happy to assist.  I pretty much like for people to see me less as an open book...and more of an open door.

An ""open book will tell you everything about himself whether you need to know it or not.  An "open book" prides herself on letting it all hang out and not worrying about what you think.  I'm a little too Southern to be an "open book" I'll settle for being an "open door" instead.  To me, an "open door" is someone who welcomes people in without hesitation, but who will rise and escort you back out of his or her life if the need arises.  An "open door" shows hospitality, but can also shut that door and put some space between you and them if there's too much drama or too little appreciation.  It has a welcome mat right outside, but can also tell you where to go and to not to let the door hit you on the behind on your way out.

Been there...done that.  Had to.

Recently, sweet Brecksyn made me a wreath for the front door for my birthday.  It is on there to remind people that this is a welcoming place and that we value the trouble that they took to come all of the way out here and pay us a visit.  It still makes me smile when I see it...which is really the best kind of gift, don't you think?  I rarely leave that door open, though, because we want to know who all is coming up our it the UPS man, one of the neighbors, or friends or family.  The back a different story.  We can open it wide and invite the world (and Black Dog from next door) to come right on in.

In a few minutes, the sky will lighten and I'll be able to see the pool and the pond...and I'll remember all over again why I love living out here so much.  And maybe it will finally get cool enough in here for me to rise and shut the door...but maybe not.  I'm just enjoying leaving the door open for the little dogs to run in and out and for me to feel the cool air that will be more and more of a rarity in the coming weeks.  After all, it is Spring in the South.

Fortunately, the pollen count is down after the rain last night, so that's good.

I don't know what life is throwing at you right now.  If you are barricaded behind a door refusing to let the bad things on the other side into your life anymore.  I don't know if you find it easier to let people stay in their spot and you in yours...or if your heart just can't take a cool refreshing breeze because it could easily turn into an emotional tornado and make it even worse.  I can relate...because I've been there too.  But today as you go through your life...notice the doors that are open to you.  The welcome of old friends and the promise of new ones.  The sweetness of being able to walk through some doors freely, even if the others are locked down tighter than a prison.  And if you are behind a prison door due to some addiction, someone's bad behavior, or because you feel all alone out there...remember that this is just an illusion.  You may be boxed in...but Someone is knocking at the door...He always is.  And when you are in times like can be sure that He is out there waiting for you to respond.

Have a great day...and may it be filled with lots of open doors and open hearts.

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