Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting Some Words on Paper - YAY!

Without going into tedious detail, I am so full of words that I absolutely must expel some of them.  I've been busy doing a number of things that are interesting to me, but I'm quite certain wouldn't bring the same enthusiasm if shared in detail with anyone else.  Not that this will stop me, mind you.  And when I get busy, sometimes what falls behind - other than my laundry - is writing.  So, here I am to give a brief overview of what I'm focusing on these days.

Like you care.

Okay, maybe you do...because I tend to care what other people I like are doing and I'm assuming that if you are taking the time out of your life to read this...that we are either friends or friends in spirit.

There are a few negative things that have happened recently such as saying goodbye to a loved one, an empty bank account (more on that later) and the fact that my shih tzu is in season again.  The first has been very difficult to work through, the second I'll survive, and the third only reminds me that my nomination as "Pet Owner of the Year" is severely compromised.  At least I don't have the Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background while she watches me with eyes that say "I'm on the pole again, and I don't know why.  Please slip a dollar or a treat in this doggie diaper that I've learned how to take off."

No, instead...the Sarah McLachlan song was playing on the beautiful memorial pictorial that my sweet and talented nephew did for my father-in-law's funeral.

Yes, yes, you know the song.  If you don't, you obviously have The Hopper with Dish Network, don't have a television, or you are a man that changes channels the millisecond a commercial comes on.

YES.  THAT song.

Dixie was supposed to be scheduled to be fixed five months ago after she lost her small litter of puppies and was very sad about it all.  We didn't want to put her through that again, so we were supposed to make an appointment.

See?  Yeah.  Bad parents.  We are going to let this pass and then take her to the vet to discuss options.  If Riley's attentiveness is any indication of the fact that he is enamored...the fact that he has had exactly 0% to do with me this week (usually NOT the case)...we're either going to have puppies around April 22nd, or if she dodged the bullet(s), then I'm assuming we'll schedule her surgery so that she can breathe easier come next July.

Riley is an excellent stud dog if anyone has a need for an intact male shih tzu.  Trust me on this.

Other than worrying about this, I've been trying to do everybody I know's taxes.  Just's really only four people.  But still.  My own will be done by the end of March at the pace I'm going.
It matters not as I'll probably owe this year.


The rest of my time has been utilized trying to better myself a bit.  No, I'm not learning French, although that would be a worthy endeavor so I'll be able to communicate with people when I visit my sister and my niece and nephew won't bray like cute little donkeys and laugh themselves silly when I am completely unable to pronounce anything other than "POO-LAY" (poulet - chicken) or "MARE-SEE" (merci - thank you).  Okay, FINE, "merci" is actually NOT pronounced the way I do.  Not even remotely.

Don't even ask me to pronounce a French word with an "R" in it.  Including my niece, Tara's, name.  Fortunately, my nephew's name is Alex.  (Their sister's name is Aurore.  You don't even want to know what I can do to that lovely name.  I call her "Aurora."  She deals.)

I've been back at the gym and struggling to be faithful to that commitment.  I've had to let other things take a back seat for the next few months because I need to lose this weight and improve my health way more than I need to do anything else.  Except work, laundry, church, and taxes.  And probably some other things I can't remember right now. (Like get Dixie to the vet.)

I've been encouraged so much by going back to the gym and have tried to do what I need to do to keep progressing instead of being satisfied with being able to just get through the routines.  What fun is that?  Answer: No fun.  I think a lot of people get frustrated going to the gym because it seems so pointless if there are no changes noted.  So, I'm trying to get a little bit better every day.

In order to do that, I do a lot of things that I'm sure look amazingly awkward.  Like squats.  Attempting to run.  Climbing steps at the gym over and over.  Showing up in a size OMG tee shirt and some black stretch pants that do absolutely nothing for me.  But I've seen no one with a camera, so it's all good.  Besides, the way my hair looks lately, it honestly doesn't matter.

Greg the Miracle Worker didn't exactly do his usual stellar job with my hair this time.  It kind of looks like my seven year old niece cut it or I'm in serious need of a hot oil treatment.  Could be all of the sweat that I've drenched on color treated hair every day.  Or the fact that some days I can't lift my arms to brush it.

Okay, THAT was an overstatement and bordered on whining. Forgive me.

But overall, life is pretty good right now.  There were those two snow days that kept me out of work but with power AND cable.  Can't beat that.  There has been a lot of kindness thrown my way through our family's loss, a friend who is walking with me through my changes, and by the supportive people at the gym.  I've gotten to spend more time with my daughter since she has come back to the gym with me, and I've just found out that my son got a co-op opportunity next Fall with General Electric that he has accepted.

And the money I don't have?  That was spent on purchasing Brian a spiffy new suit, some shoes he really needed, and some things for myself that are making my transition to gym rat and meal planner a whole lot easier.

I'll go now as Dixie is in my lap, and not entirely pleased about the fact that I am using my hands to type instead of petting her.  Lots of words, few coherent thoughts...but it is what it is.

Thanks for reading!

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