Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I just want to write something that makes people comment. I don't care if the comment is "well, THAT was interesting" or "well, that was ten minutes of my life I just invested that I will never get back..." I mean, I'd love something more positive, but frankly, some days you just want to know that someone is on the other end.

It is why we will call our children/parents/spouses fifteen times when they won't pick up their cell phones and we know that they should. We will then start calling anyone that we believe is in the vicinity of that person until some poor victim picks up. Never mind that they are in the boss' office, having a conversation with someone that really needs all their attention, or in the bathroom. If they don't pick up, we will start leaving voice or text messages asking "where are you?"

My mother is famous for just calling every one of our cell phones, work numbers, and the house until someone picks up. Never mind that Jill is sometimes the lucky winner of Mom's dial-a-rama, normally in Tuscaloosa, and not only does she not know where we are...she frankly couldn't care less.

Sometimes we just crave human interaction.

This is why we tell our hairdressers exactly what is going on in our lives - knowing full well that they really aren't that interested. Unless, of course, our lives are...well...interesting. Mine is not. So, sometimes I think that Greg cuts my hair a little "off" sometimes so that I won't come back for at least three months. Or at all. I mean, surely he has more interesting clients.

Or why some supermarket cashiers tell us exactly what is going on with the bagboy and the cashier two aisles over, their sinus infection, and why they hate their employer. And why you'll offer relationship advice to them in return as they check out your 20 items or less.

We all love feedback. We'd prefer positive feedback, but in its absence, we will accept any kind of feedback or interaction. We'll have conversations with tellers, people on customer service lines, the mailman, coworkers, or people that we don't even especially like.

And if all else fails...we'll have conversations with ourselves...and we will answer our own questions. It is disconcerting to other people to hear these exchanges.

Or we'll start writing a blog. Wait! That was too close to home.

Anyway, I love the days where people comment on something I've written, or will tell me what is going on in their lives enough for me to spawn that off into something other people might benefit from...or not. I suppose it makes me feel like I didn't waste people's time. Or because I love investing and getting a return. Don't we all?

Anyway, I realize that I've written on quite a diversity of subjects over the past year. Where other writers have something to say on a more narrowed set of topics...I'll just talk about anything...anytime. I suppose that makes me a Walmart kind of writer. I just hope that I provide better service.

Today is Monday, and I'm headed out to have more human interaction than I'm going to be able to stand. And if not, I have the graduation reception I'll be coordinating on Thursday to give me a lot to write about if something goes wrong. Because if there's one thing I know...mess that puppy up and I'll have enough interaction to last me a lifetime.

So, for those of you who make comments on something I've written...thank you. For those of you who call, text, e-mail and verbally give me feedback...that is appreciated as well. I mean...I'm going to write anyway...but it really does help to know what works and what doesn't. Who knows, maybe one day, I'll be able to narrow my focus. But for now, I'm really enjoying turning cartwheels in the outfield, so to speak.

That was a scary visual, wasn't it?

Anyway, off for interaction galore. Have a great day! :)

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