Tuesday, May 11, 2010


May is a busy month for most of us. Teachers are trying to get every crumb of the bread of knowledge into students and celebrations such as Mothers' Day, graduation, and Memorial Day grab our attention and our schedules...and you may even have a family wedding thrown in there for good measure. I certainly do. The weather improves, the pollen decreases, and life awaits the kickoff of summer. Children come home from college...and are instantly bored by the not-so-exciting existence we live in; one that they shared not too terribly long ago...back when they didn't know any better.

Toenails get polished, bleachers are occupied with baseball and softball, and every conceivable charity event is in full swing. Church Wednesday night suppers begin to wind down, and two months of perceived wonderful stretch before us like a banquet table of delight. It is too cold to get into the pool, but hot enough to keep the convertible top down as we ride down the highway of life. The tomato plants are in the ground and the flowers have retired after the big show in April...just waiting in the wings for the next major production.

Time passes like this...and we are always somewhat aware of it. May comes and goes...and it is generally welcome...because we're usually looking forward to getting the children through the horror of last minute term papers, finals, and Field Day at school. May marks the end of much and the beginning of more.

Lives change in May. Perhaps a student becomes a graduate...or simply is promoted to another grade. Maybe two single people become a unit after waiting a lifetime for each other...even if the lifetime equates to a span of twenty-something years. It could be the reunion of a family unit when the child rejoins the family of origin in that space between semesters. Or the beginning of a magical summer adventure that will live in the memory forever...or one that we will follow diligently as friends enjoy the life that we have on hold until the children get out of our checkbook.

I have always liked transition months...such as September when school starts...or January when a new year begins. Maybe that's because I have such optimism that something wonderful is about to happen. I try not to put that out there that often because I've often found that I'll be disappointed and I'll make my Mother worry. I used to be thought of as negative...but that was just a front for playing a game of "worst case scenario" in my mind along with the celebration going on in my mind. Frankly, it is difficult to be disappointed, though, when everything screams promise and newness and fun. Especially now that we know that Jill survived Statistics with a better grade than her Mama made. I love May for that.

In a couple of weeks, two people that I'm pretty crazy about will stand up before God and everybody and repeat their vows to each other. Our family is expanding again. I'll watch a man that I have known since before he was born confirm an excellent choice as I did three years ago with his cousin. I'll also, hopefully, be sitting in a baby shower for my cousin as she anticipates welcoming a new son into our family circle. Next week, I will be working with a good friend to coordinate the school's graduation reception. Hilarity will likely ensue as no good party is without its minor disasters. I just hope that it isn't something socially tragic or so noteworthy that it shows up in my obituary one day...or whispered behind my back as I attend school functions. I will also go to stand in front of a group of sisters to beg one of them to take the position of President of our group because I honestly don't know how to manage it...and I'm normally fairly competent at such.

So, it is a month of hellos and goodbyes...of expectation and closure...of pages turning and new pages being written. It is a time of hope, reunion, and plans being made. It is in a word...May. I hope that everyone has time to really smell the flowers this month, so to speak. I know that our cameras are clicking, many dreams are fulfilled and lots of changes are accepted during this month. The appreciation of sacrifices and the love that is shared make it a uniquely special month. At least it is for me.

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