Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Off

Today is a Saturday in mid-June, and it is my day off. I don't have any commitments, plans, hovering obligations, or even a past due library book to contend with today. Unless my children have failed to inform me, I don't even have any old speeding tickets of theirs that I have to try to figure out how to pay online. I'm not cleaning out anybody's attic, or helping anybody do anything. I'm having a "me" day...and I like it.

It is beautiful outside...but that's because I am inside. I know that it is stifling hot with a side order of oppressive humidity out there right now. I'm just going to pretend like it's not. I'm going to assume that the day is stretching before me like one of those summer afternoons of my childhood when I used to have the audacity...and the privilege...of being bored. Bored people are only bored because they either cannot busy themselves with their normal routine or they pay people to do things that they don't want to do. Boredom is wasted on the pretty much everything else.

I can't afford to pay people to do things that I don't want to do, so I normally cram as many of the unpleasant chores into my workweek so that I have freedom on my weekends. I don't have a child requiring my presence at the ballfield every weekend like a couple of my friends do, and I only have one of my two children at home right now anyway. He is a prime candidate for "XBox Addicts Anonymous" when he isn't asleep or he doesn't require a lot of my time. The other one is currently in Memphis, Tennessee visiting. She has become "Her Highness - Queen of the Roadtrip" - this summer. More power to her. I used to do the same thing back in the day before I had obligations, a job, and kids.

Today I have big plans to go to the farmers' market, give away some old clothes at whatever charity will take them, and bathe my dogs. I've read ten books in the past three weeks, and I'm really quite fine in that area for awhile. There's no movie that I especially want to see, and no television program that is tempting me. Big shock there. The pool is like a big bathtub - and therefore not as inviting as I want it to be, and my scrapbooking is pretty much caught up. I also cleaned out a closet in record time last night...which was not only shocking - considering its original state - but really gratifying.

So, other than my bedroom - the portal to the "Island of Misfit Items" - I have a neat house. Next weekend, I've already signed a friend up to help me do deep cleaning - baseboards, windows, cabinets, shelf paper, etc. because nobody wants to do these unless there is somebody there talking to you the entire time. Or at least that's my view.

But back to is a rare gift to be given a day with nothing other than your own agenda. In life, too much of our time is often swallowed up by the beast of "must-should-need to" instead of belonging to us. We stretch ourselves so thin sometimes that we feel invisible, unappreciated, and desperate. We do for others to such a point that they just take for granted that we'll drop whatever we are doing and be there for them.

Not today, friends. Not today.

Well, other than some really good tomatoes...I'm not desperate for anything right now. I'm having a happy interlude in the midst of what is about to be a sea of busyness starting in two weeks. Some of that busyness makes me I'll get to visit with family, high school buddies, and will watch my beautiful daughter be presented at a debutante ball. A week later...she will be back in Tuscaloosa for her junior year...and my son will be in his senior year of high school.

Time flies. I just wish the tuition bills would fly away and land on someone else's desk.

Well, it is about time for me to begin actually enjoying my day instead of sitting here dreaming and idolizing it. I want to savor every moment of it - unless of course I have to deal with unpleasantness such as the girl at the Publix deli with the braids, idiot drivers, or coming home and finding that my son has trashed my kitchen. All of these are within the realm of possibility.

Enjoy your day as well. I don't know what you have on tap, but I hope it is something that makes you happy. If not, I hope that you find something today that at least makes you smile. Beautiful crepe myrtles...the sound of the waves...the sweet smell of a little one nestled on your lap...your canine "child" who wants some lap time...a free rental at Blockbuster...a pair of pants that you thought didn't fit but actually dishcloths...a really excellent tomato sandwich...good music on your favorite station...or the sun on your face. It's all good...

Maybe it is a long nap...a card in the mail...winning something on eBay...a ride in the convertible...or no waiting in line at Wal-Mart. It could be a perfect glass of sweet tea after the lawn is mowed...your child hitting driving in the winning run...or time with the men in your life this Father's Day Weekend.

Whatever it is...enjoy.

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