Friday, June 25, 2010

Wild Hair

It has been my experience that everyone experiences the occasional wild hair. I use that term to describe behavior that one engages in that is just baffling to others and occasionally to oneself. I don't know the origin of this particular turn of phrase, and I'm not really sure that I want to...but I do know that this phenomenon actually does exist.

It explains why my friend who is uber-organized, a grandmother of six, and the last person you'd expect to be desirous of a tattoo...has one on her foot. She swears that she was not all jacked up on caffeine or wine at the time. Granted, it can be covered by a sandal...but it is there just the same. Not henna...a real one. I attribute this to a wild hair that she decided to pluck on a trip to the beach a few years ago.

I suspect that the wild hair is also responsible for that family that has a gazillion children...all with names beginning with the letter "J". It probably started out as a conviction that God would bless them with whatever He felt was the right number of children, and then the wild hair kicked in. I don't know if they are trying to make Guinness' World Book of Records, that they've just lost their minds somewhere along the way or what...but I can't figure that one out.

My life is complicated enough with the two children that I have.

I suppose this explains why people jump out of airplanes, buy timeshares in Los Cobos, have more than two dogs, decide to ride the mechanical bull naked on Spring Break, get their tongue pierced, or let their 16 year old daughter sail around the world by herself.

The wild hair must be responsible, yes?

Yeah, that mechanical bull thing really did happen according to those who received the e-mail where you could actually order items - including coasters - of the participants photographed in this little "Girls Gone Wild-ish" event. There's a wild hair...and then there's just wild, period.

Well, I for one am cursing the fact that the wild hair caught up with me this week. Instead of being satisfied that the house was in order, I found it necessary to rearrange everything. It is still in disarray. I've been to Bed, Bath and Beyond numerous times as well as Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Ross for Less, and Target. I have one more trip to my local "Mattress World" and then I have to go return everything that didn't suit. Yeah, that's my favorite (not).

Added to this was a chunk of time invested in serious cleaning out of other peoples' stuff...some of which followed me home. Okay, "some" is an understatement. I'm very grateful, but I am also going to be sorting, washing, delivering to Goodwill, and organizing for several hours this weekend.

To top this coworker was diagnosed with pneumonia on Tuesday...leaving me to have more to do than I can say grace over at work. Apparently everyone wants to get their loans renewed before the week of the 4th of July (either week...since it falls on a weekend). That will be swell for everybody but me as that is also the week I am taking off as well. So next week will be peachy. Just peachy.

My eBay auctions ended - requiring me to mail out the items I sold, another project due in the middle of next month came in the mail for me to move along, and as an added bonus...I've suddenly turned into the poster child for seasonal allergies.

Yay me.

I also need to get some things done for Jill's debutante ball next month and my sister's arrival next weekend, the dogs are due for their annual shots, the garden needs weeding, I need some serious highlighting, and Jill will be back from Tuscaloosa - more or less - next weekend as well. She'd probably rather be in Memphis, at the lake, at the beach, in Tuscaloosa, or anywhere BUT here, but whatever.

So, this weekend is the time that I am dedicating to getting everything caught up. I've made a lot of progress...but I am still in that phase of pulling it all together where it is either going to come together nicely, or professionals will have to be called in.

Hopefully a strait jacket won't be required...just Merry Maids...and some Claritin.

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