Friday, February 18, 2011

Good News

Yesterday, I got a call from a friend to tell me some good news.  I'm personally a huge fan of good news and so I welcomed what she had to say with open ears and a grateful heart.  I find that in my experience, what we are more likely to hear shared is bad news where someone's troubles, weaknesses, or bad choices that have come to light are on display for public consumption.   So, it was lovely to hear a friendly voice bearing tidings of joy in an otherwise fairly mundane day. 

A few weeks ago, she and I had a conversation.  Because of something she said that she wanted to do, I ended up doing something that she had requested.  As a result of moving along what I had done to the next step, she found herself in a place yesterday to have a conversation with someone who was searching.  Because her words are always filled with life...a previously unsaved individual realized that she was in the presence of someone who was bringing Jesus' love to her where she was. 

The lady realized it...and my friend had the joy of praying with someone to bring her into the kingdom.  She called me to relay the incident.  That's good news that you want to share.

The reason that I am relaying this without attention to detail is that it doesn't matter who it was, where she was, or what she was doing.  What matters is that it happened.  Because someone dreamed something...and someone responded.  Because someone spoke the truth and another person recognized it as such.  And Heaven's population increased by who knows how many in the long run just because of the one who joined the ranks yesterday.

I don't know where you are this morning as I write this...if you are happy and carefree, brave and struggling, or apathetic and bored.  I've been all of the above at various points in time.  I've had things work out exactly as I've planned (rarely), better than I deserve (often), and embarrasingly awful numerous times.  I just get up the next day...hope for the best...and hang on for the ride.

That's what everyone else is doing, too, by the way.  Everyone.

What I realized with the good news, though, is that each of us has the capacity to dream, to respond, and to share.  We are the stewards of our time and resources, as much as we think that these have been hijacked or that we are imprisoned by our choices.  In some cases, we may be busy or locked up for a time.  But often we stand at the bars of the prison and wail...not realizing that if we'd only turn around or look up...we'd see the escape route.  We are prisoners of our own making in a place where we know the governor.  He's just letting us sit there until we remember that and ask for a pardon.

So, as you go out into your life today...don't be afraid to dream.  And do not fear telling pieces of your dreams to others.  I am not suggesting that you cast your pearls before swine to be trampled underneath.  I can assure you that this made the list of "do not's" in Proverbs for a reason (Been there, done that, and I have the tee shirt in various sizes).  You know who you can trust...or should have a really good idea.  So dream.  Think through the possibilities.  Don't be afraid to express yourself.  And if you don't know people who will hear your dreams and support them rather than riddle them with holes or belittle seriously need to find new friends.

On the other hand, don't be afraid to be a dreamcatcher, either.  If something is in your capacity to it.  If you can use your gifts and talents to bring someone's dream closer to reality, don't let anything stop you.   Be obedient.  Share.  Even if they tell you that it is too much trouble.  Even if they don't know what to do with your enthusiasm.  Even if you think you might have wasted your time.  Not everyone knows how to be a joyful recipient.  Most of us prefer to be on the giving end, you know.

You may be surprised by what happens as a result of your obedience in the service of a friend.  You may see an outline of the much bigger picture or God's hand at work in something.  It takes all of us, you know, to get everyone from Point A to Point B or we wouldn't be here drawing breath.  Just remember that something that you do today...or fail to do...may have eternal consequences.  You just may not always be aware of it...until later.

Be bold.  Dream big.  Be faithful.  And then watch what happens when you are.  Even if nothing in your life is going well, you can certainly step out of your own misery to bring someone else's dream to fruition.  You might actually find that taking a break from your wound licking is actually quite refreshing.  I know I have found this to be true in my life.

I hope that you hear good news today.  The kind of news that makes you realize just how necessary you are.  I also pray that someone will be put in your path who needs what you alone can uniquely provide...and that you will recognize this and respond.  Enjoy your day.

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