Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hot Hot Hot (with apologies to Buster Poindexter)

Sometime after midnight on Sunday I woke up to hug Brian goodnight...respond to Jill's text...and try to sleep in this awful "I don't know what season it wants to be at any point in time" weather.  Let's just say that in my is hot.  Not  Like August at the beach hot. The only relief I seem to find is the 45 seconds after I get out of a hot shower or bath and the produce room at Costco.  I'm thinking of putting in a produce room in this house so that I can survive this change of season.

And this change of other things.  Yes.  That.

Big Dave says I'm freezing him out...which either means that I have resumed having "personal summers" again...or he is wrong.  Since he is right most of the time...I'm going to assume that it is me.  Because if the former is true...then this spring and summer will be like being pregnant in the summer...and if the latter is...then Alabama Power is singing "We're in the Money" for reals.

So hot.  So, so hot.

And not THIS kind of hot, either...

THAT I could deal with. What I am talking about is more like this...

Ironically, I actually wrote up to this point on Monday...the day that I had amazingly good intentions of writing something each day this week. 

What is it that they say the road to Hell is paved with?  Exactly.

This week I've felt like this was my theme song...

Turns out there was more than personal summers, my metabolism rocketing up from "non-existent" to "seriously?" due to my commitment to walk 30 minutes a day, and the change of season. 

Yep...the A/C.  Ye Olde Air Conditioning Unit.  Except it is only ten years old...and geothermal.  Big Dave thought we would be smart to put in a geothermal unit in 2001 to save energy costs (yes, we were "green" before "green" was cool.)  Frankly, I can only hope that we're saving money...because if we are not...

Can we say, yikes?

Apparently it is a burned out board or something technical that I really can't begin to comprehend.  What I DO know is that the air conditioning is on, and there's a snowball's chance know...that I'll actually get some sleep tonight.

Because I have been up at least an hour earlier than I needed to be for the past two mornings.  This morning I actually showed up for work an hour early...because it was THAT hot in this house.  Or so it seemed.

I missed winter this year...and can only hope that summer is unseasonably mild in June and we don't go straight from this to "so hot your swimming pool feels like a hot tub."

But there I go borrowing trouble...

Tonight I'm just grateful that the house is cool and that I don't yet know what this is going to cost to fix.  La-la-la-la-la...denial.  Hey, at least I'm not sweating like a hoe in dirt (or is it ho in church?)  Whatever.  :)

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