Friday, July 6, 2012

Preparing a Place

So, tonight I have hit the wall. Not the Facebook "wall" but the "I have people coming to this house in 48 hours and if I don't get after it I'm going to be seriously mortified" wall. I am out of time, motivation, and sadly...down a soldier in the "War on Funk". Big Dave came home from work today overheated and needing a nap. He is currently snoring on the couch. It is 8:02 p.m. CDT. 

Seeing as Big Dave is the deputy in charge of sweeping, mopping, kitchen cleaning, and cobweb removal, this is a serious blow to the team.  Of course, sitting here writing (what I want to do) rather than actually doing something about this problem just means I have to think about a good "Plan B."

Seeing as it is too late for Merry Maids, calling in every favor from every person I know, or staying up all night because I actually want to be coherent enough to enjoy the visit...I am going to have to think about this a bit.

There's always doing nothing and acting like everything is copasetic...but that's really just lame.  After all, even if I try...we aren't talking about Southern Living's Dream Home all up in here.  I am woefully lacking the decorating "clean" is about the most that I can hope to offer my guests.

That and a pool. 

Yes.  The pool is always helpful in the summer months.

Of course, I'll also feed them well and we'll have a good time in spite of my fairly sad little housekeeping skills.  But back to motivation...

There are a lot of options that I have open right now...or so my outside-the-box self thinks...such as...

Caffeine.  I love the idea of being hopped up on Starbucks and running around the house like I'm sixteen years old and a night owl.  The reality is...that I am having enough trouble dealing with "Magic Mike" - the CPAP...(who is FAR less magical than Channing Tatum) without dealing with a night of insomnia. 

Boxing stuff up and putting it in the attic.  Otherwise known as "Operation Out of Sight/Out of Mind".  Of course, boxing the c-rap up that has been living homeless waiting for the Queen of Decisiveness (who is obviously on vacation) to waive her wand over it and make it disappear is probably a fairly decent alternative since time's a-wastin'. I tend to take most things in spurts...meaning that if I'm not in the mood for cleaning something out or finding a home for waits patiently wherever I leave it.  Then one day, without warning, I swoop in and deal with it in a burst of productivity.  I have no idea what that says about me, but it is fairly accurate.

Putting everything back in my bedroom.  This has been "Plan B" for the past three years.  Since I've cleaned a lot out of there, re-c-rapping it just seems too sad.  Of course, it remains a top option. 

Setting it all on fire.  Well, this would certainly make some nice carbon for my compost bin, but it is likely that I will need at least some of this stuff.  Possibly.  I think so anyway.

A long time ago, I realized that I am not motivated by deadlines particularly.  I am more motivated by the joy of the job.  Seriously, this is my problem with housework.  There is no joy in it for me whatsoever.  I have friends who love cleaning house, and others who just gave up on it and hired domestic help...which I would happily do if I could ever get it to a point where everything could have a place.  Right now it is just too heinous.

What?  Doesn't everybody clean up on the day that the maid comes? 

Of course they do.  (Note the use of the word "they" there as opposed "we". I still dream of waking up to Merry Maids at the front door....already paid...and totally nonjudgmental...but I'm not holding my breath.)

Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong, though.  Perhaps I am looking at it from my own perspective of how I am going to appear to my guests if I don't offer my best.  What I should be doing is being excited about the opportunity to provide a place for them.  The chance to be hospitable and to welcome people I love into my home.  After all, THAT description certainly sounds way more appealing than the dreaded "housework" descriptor.

I think sometimes that we forget that while we are hanging out here on the third rock...someone is preparing a place for us someday.  And instead of sitting there dreading it, He is looking forward to it with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming fellowship.  He wants to move you into the place that has been prepared for you...and I believe that it is being prepared with joy.

So, I'll be off I try to figure out the best way to get everything done in the limited time that I have.  But I'll try to do it with joy in my heart for getting to see the sweet faces that are arriving on Sunday.  Hopefully, Big Dave will be up tomorrow and can help me a bit after work.  But seeing as it is my 27th wedding anniversary tomorrow...I really think that I want to just enjoy the day grateful and amazed at how fast time flies.

Because it totally does...


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