Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quiet Moments

I am sitting here on what is officially my "blog-cation" - something I decreed to myself so that I would be able to fight the obsessive desire to sit down and write. This is important as I have reserved this time for family that I do not get to see often enough, and I know myself too well. The intent was that I would recharge and have the mental resources to see what is going on around me on a more laid back level. Up until now, this summer has proven to be pretty much been a blur of activity and demands laced with some really fun times.

Right now, the dishwasher is running, and we are in that in between time between the excitement of the Pike Road Parade and the family gathering in Auburn in a couple of hours. We'll leave Auburn and head back here to see the fireworks later on. It will be a full day...but a wonderful one as well. Exactly what you would want a 4th of July celebration to be...

I especially love this because my sweet sister is in the U.S...and if she weren't here, she would be in France where they don't celebrate the 4th of July for obvious reasons. I almost think that they should, though, because the support of the French helped make it possible for our forefathers to make that break with England. Check your history.

She also visits on Thanksgiving, which again, is an uniquely American holiday. But Linda celebrates EVERY holiday with gusto. Her home is transformed into a "trick or treat" haven during Halloween, she hosts Easter egg hunts, and even celebrates Cinco de Mayo with pinatas. The hysterical part to me is that Mexico was actually celebrating victory over who...? Well, FRANCE. Yeah.

Since I can't really nap unless I want to be completely "blonde" for the remainder of the day, I am just enjoying this time to myself. I am also happy that I have so much abundance all around me. I have a wonderful family, lots of true friends, my health, a house that I love (although I would love it a lot more if Merry Maids came occasionally) and enough food to eat (in fact...I have MORE than enough food to eat). I know that I am blessed.

I am very grateful that I have a job from which to vacation from, the hope of happy days ahead, and the knowledge that I am redeemed. I have made mistakes, and I have had the good sense to learn from most of them. I have the bills paid for July, and I do not doubt that God will provide should something happen to my job. I see numbers like 10% unemployment...and I wince a little...but also know that sometimes God takes something away from us to teach us something. He uses the time when we are at our lowest to give us a new dream and a new opportunity well beyond what we might have hoped for ourselves.

So, while I hurt for those who are in flux, I also know that people are the only thing you can take to heaven with you anyway...and all of the energy we spend maintaining "stuff" usually keeps us from maintaining relationships. This is also the reason that I have no desire whatsoever to have a boat, beach house, lake place, or to have a showplace home. Not that any of the latter is even possible for me...but I think that I don't have them because I might become obsessive about them...and God knows this because He wired me this way. I just want to know people who have these so that I can help them enjoy their bounty!

So, as I go through the next few days...I hope that they will be moments that I celebrate and appreciate. Just like anything else...the freedoms that I have are mine because someone before me stood in the gap. And for all of those military families out there today...I am very grateful that you did. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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