Thursday, April 29, 2010

The NFL, Colt McCoy, and Relationships...Odd Bedfellows, Yes?

For those of you who know me well, it should come as no surprise that I have found a new obsession. During the fall months, I am glued to SEC football and was rewarded last year with a National Championship courtesy of the Alabama Crimson Tide. It was kind of a bonus in a way since I'm giving them my firstborn to educate...and they provided me an awesome season that made it cool to jump up and down in my living room. Seemed like a fair trade to me.

Last week, missing football and wanting a reprieve from the political world...because November can't get here quickly enough...I started watching the NFL Draft. I thought it would be fun to watch those players that I've followed for the past several years land on an NFL team somewhere. I haven't been a fan of the NFL since I was far younger and the Falcons made it to the playoffs one year as the "Miracle Falcons." When the miracles stopped coming...I pretty much stopped watching.

Now with the likes of Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Ben Tate, and Rolando McClain hitting the big show, I think I'll probably be watching some games this Fall. While this is great for entertainment value, it can be a bit much if I turn it into a full blown interest. Most of my friends do not appreciate my musical tastes...and I can see that this whole NFL thing would definitely be another thing to make them question my sanity. Great.

But as I was watching last night, I saw the most incredible exchange between Colt McCoy and the interviewer regarding his fiancee. He stated that they met, hung out a bit, and then he pursued her for two months before she'd agree to go out with him. Then when she finally relented...she brought her friends on their date. In spite of these roadblocks, he just kept pursuing her...and she now has a ring on that finger after a proposal on the Longhorns field complete with "Will You Marry Me?" on the Jumbotron.

Seeing this made me's a young man who by his position alone as the quarterback of the Texas Longhorns could have dated a ton of young women. He could have pretty much done what he wanted and people might have looked the other way. With the aggressiveness I've seen in some young must have taken a lot of restraint to not just be a wild man and give in to that pressure. But he waited until he met someone worth chasing...and then he pursued her and won her heart.

That's the kind of love story that I want for the young women in my life that I care about. Not this waiting and wondering if he is ready to give up his "freedom" in exchange to date them. I want to see someone in pursuit of them that sees their value and honors that perception by treating her like the princess that she is...a daughter of the King.

In this day and age, you can pull up videos of Spring Break and be horrified. But there have always been prostitutes in the temple, groupies, and people with no boundaries. MTV has not helped out much in this regard...since they put "reality" television shows out there that make a certain percentage of the young population believe that this type of behavior is normal. With cell phones with cameras in every pocket, the internet, and the blogosphere, it is easy to make one mistake that defines you, and with all of the other temptations of life out is easy to be reduced to a pile of rubble over time. (See: Lindsey Lohan, Amy Winehouse, etc.)

In watching that exchange last night I realized that there really are guys out there who know the meaning of self-discipline, the proper role for a male in this society, and self-respect. The dream is alive! There may not be perfect men abounding out of every nook and cranny, but there are young men who are still trying to do things the way that we tell our daughters to expect it, and there is still hope that all is not lost in terms of how men should behave. Thank goodness...I was beginning to wonder.

I needed to see this after having a particularly poor example of the demise of chivalry yesterday in Costco. I was standing there with a gallon of milk and eggs in my hand when a line cleared. A man with a cart jumped in front of me and never looked at the fact that I had two items...or that I was even standing there. Bonehead. He was a little older than me, and all I could think was how big a loser do you have to be to feel okay running down a lady with two items. Jerk. I said - out loud - to the guy who was helping the cashier..."chivalry is dead"...hoping that Mr. Linebreaker would overhear. Sadly, the helper said, "yes ma'am, it is."

I also had heard about an exchange yesterday where someone stated that he needed more "space" to figure things out. Really? Space...codeword for "I'm a man-child." Which I suppose is perfectly fine if you are indeed a man-child. At least it is better to know this status so that one can run...not walk...away. Relationships that are worth having are work. Work is not always fun...but there is generally a reward at the end. Wanting the illusion of a relationship but not being willing to fight for one means that you are totally undeserving of one. I mean, anyone not ready to work should not be even putting a toe into the relationship pool at all. Getting in there with floaties on is just absurd. But sadly, girls put up with this infantile behavior and get their hearts stomped on for absolutely no reason.

So, in light of my day yesterday...hearing Colt and Rachel's story made me smile. It is good to know that there is hope. That there are still men out there among the boys. To know that a woman can still attract a real man if she stays true to her standards. Because according to what these poor young girls are being fed these days...they think that they have to be the aggressor in the relationship.

Not so. Not ever. Because it's not right. Review God's instruction manual for relationships and you'll see that it is HIS role to be the pursuer. If he isn't pursuing...he either isn't ready or is just too dang lazy for a relationship.

I don't know how I started out writing about the NFL and ended up talking about relationships. Guess I'm just really enchanted with that sweet story. Part of it is that I'm a Colt McCoy fan. This kid is like a quiet Tim Tebow...a good kid who is a Christian...and who just lives out his faith. I will be watching him play for the Browns, and I suspect that he will have a wonderful career ahead of him...and in all likelihood...a wonderful marriage.

I wish them the best.


  1. I'm a huge Tim Tebow fan - but one of the best interviews I've seen of him was he and Colt McCoy together. What a great encouragement that there are still Godly young men in the world of sports!

  2. I agree. I keep trying to explain to young women I know that this is what they need to be looking for...but they just don't see enough of it to really believe it exists. Thankfully, every so often a story like this drives it home. :)