Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The upside of Spring is that the weather is gorgeous, flowers are blooming, and the days seem to go on forever. After months of internal hibernation and wanting to just get outside and breathe, the warm temperatures are not only welcome...they are celebrated. The nail salons are crowded again as toes long warmed in socks are released to wiggle free and go from gnarly to glamourous. The sidewalks in the neighborhood are full of Dads and kids with helmets peddling furiously...little white legs in shorts that are too small because Mama hasn't made it to the mall yet for an updated wardrobe...but big smiles that make you laugh to yourself as you cautiously pass by in your car.

The ballpark traffic is back as well including the MeeMaws who come out in droves but are afraid that they'll miss the entrance to the park so they drive 35mph in a 50mph and drive me crazy on my way home every night. Pollen is everywhere and looks like some cosmic butter colored salt shaker has exploded all over the vehicles and patio furniture. People aren't quite whining yet, but a few of them are experiencing the magic of the first sinus infection of the year. Yay! Not.

And, naturally, the dog is in season. Or so I suspect.

There are no fewer than five large "mosquito hawks" - large icky looking spindly legged bugs - desperately trying to get into the house, and the ants have become amazingly industrious over the past week forming large hills all over tarnation. Big Dave's yard needs cutting, and he has something wrong with the lawnmower that needs to be fixed. Great. Too much longer and we'll need a bushhog. There are dandelions out there that are downright spectacular that need to be brought down to size by a major infusion of Roundup or something similar. As long as he stays away from my roses and my tomatoes...all will be well.

I love Spring because it is so full of promise. Much like the beginning of the school year, New Year's Day and the early days of Summer...Spring gives us a chance to regroup. To begin thinking of lazy days of summer...of vacation...of rest from our routines. We are usually invigorated this time of year and ready to clean, reorganize, or - heaven forbid - have a yard sale.

Not that I'm against yard sales...I'm not. I've just never had a whole lot of luck with them on either side. Plus, my competitive spirit kicks in and I turn into someone who wants what someone just bought. Always. If I am on the sales side...people will try to talk me down from a quarter to fifteen cents...and it annoys me so much that I just say "no." It is a form of stress that I cannot seem to overcome. So I just donate or eBay instead.

Spring means that the days are longer, the nights are warmer, and the bugs are more prolific. But it also means that the grill replaces the oven, the bleachers replace the couch, and the warmth replaces the cold. Well, for some of us anyway. My friend, Traci, is still dealing with snow drifts, bless her heart.

I have been filled with a lot of happy thoughts and hope lately. I don't know if it is Spring, or just the fact that God is blessing me with success in the weight loss arena. Whatever it is...I'm glad of it.

In a few weeks, the pollen will have taken its toll on many folks, the weather will turn insanely hot overnight, and we will wish for a brief rainstorm to wash it all away. But for now...I'll enjoy the flowers that have appeared and the promise that is inherent in the seasons that remind us of God's faithfulness to us.

Happy Spring to you!

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