Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ode to B-12

I have been a happy camper for the past three days. It's scary, actually. I am used to having ups and downs, stress and drama, and days ranging from "so-so" to "someone please shoot me." Apparently, the B-12 that I've been taking has kicked into overdrive, and I have finally gotten past the sugar addiction. Yay! doesn't even begin to cover it.

That being said...I have actually enjoyed a few things this week that would have otherwise sent me into a pit of despair or surfing on the waves of self-doubt. I'm sensitive, you know, and we sensitive types are prone to wound-licking and imagined scenarios. But...just so you know...when you are all jacked up on B-12, you do get a rather zen existence. I highly recommend it. (And YES, I am taking the recommended daily please don't call for an intervention.)

Like that bathing suit discussion I walked up on this week. One of the ladies was discussing how she dreaded purchasing a certain suit. I was pretty much laughing to myself as I said that my swimsuit purchases were limited to buying them for my daughter. I haven't worn a swimsuit without shorts over it since 1988. I'm totally not kidding...and I have a pool. I realize that I could go to the beach and be perfectly fine. Trust me, I've seen some of the sunbathers. But add the lovely paleness to the rest of the picture and it is NO. Just no.

Granted, my pool is currently covered in some kind of green funk as we are trying to decide whether it is the liner that needs to be replaced ( IS in its 10th season) or whether it is a leak in the pipes. The price to replace the liner? A mere $1,300. Shoot, why not buy two at that price! Did I freak out? Were sackcloth and ashes employed? No. Thank you, B-12!

I also wrote out bills this month and am already broke due to a little bit of exuberant buying at Stein Mart and the fact that I get my daily exercise pushing a cart all over Publix, and consider it a workout. Today is the 7th of the month. This does not bode well for the remaining 23 days. But, hopefully the tax refund will come in and I can pay for that liner and will be able to get the dog groomed to boot. Lord knows I don't need to groom Rebel again. Last time I did, he got a mohawk.

But if not, it isn't as though I need to purchase food until June anyway. I have enough food in the freezer, pantry, refrigerator and refrigerator freezer to last at least that long. We're so blessed! Feels that way, anyway! Plus, a box of Triscuits lasts forever when a "serving" is two. Two Triscuits. Two. I mean, I'm more likely to have the heartbreak of staleness rather than the shock of running out. Not that I'd be able to tell a stale Triscuit from a fresh one.

Some people may use exercise to achieve the "runner's high" or sleep a lot to make everything seem a lot better in the morning instead of a vitamin I do. I can't say that I've ever gotten anything other than blisters and hyperventilation from running, so that's out. I'm hoping to actually start running eventually just because I can't really do it now. I'm also caught up on my sleep, because if you can't use caffeine or sugar as a crutch, you go with Plan B - which is bed.

So, I'm going to believe that my positive mood is from the fact that I've now lost over 20 pounds, I've had time to myself, my daughter was just home, I like my job (and I have one)...and of course...the B-12. I'm still not brave enough to attempt a bathing suit...but at least I don't care that I can't wear one...and there's something to be said for that.

On the downside, my son and husband just came in and told me that my son's car broke down. Hmmm....maybe I need some more B-12. A lot more...

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