Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is the first day of the new year.  Often I have found this day to be one where I swear to myself that I'm not going to eat too much, that I'll be more disciplined, and that I'll put on my "Supermom" cape and strive to be that woman who actually has a functional home that looks like it could be featured in a Southern Living spread.  I am not that woman, mind you, nor have I ever had any indication that God has gifted me with the ability to even remotely achieve such status, but it seems to be on my mind every January.

Old habits die hard.

So, tonight I am reflecting on life as I know it right now.  I ate too much today...but I don't feel guilty.  We were invited to spend the afternoon watching the football game (Roll Tide!) and a delicious supper was served that I didn't have to cook.  It had the classic New Year's Day fare...and it was wonderfully prepared.  The home was beautifully decorated and comfortable, and the hosts were upbeat and gracious. 

The Tide winning their bowl game 49-7 totally rocked as well.

I have rooms to clean, bills to pay, lists to make, and things to do, but right now I'm just grateful that there are 364 days ahead of me - Lord willing - that are blank slates.  I can feel free to have hope.  I can dare to dream.  I can imagine that some of what I want to happen...actually will.

Today was wonderful.  It was a true celebration of a holiday...with all of the wonderful aspects that a holiday carries with it.  Time  Reality will hit in two days.

Most of the time...reality bites.  But this year...I sincerely hope not.

Tonight I'm thinking of the possibilities that lie ahead.  Of the prayers that I'm offering tonight for people who need them.  Of the resolutions that I plan to actually attempt this year even if I fail miserably in the process.  Of the people who have possibilities right in front of them if they are smart enough to just grasp the brass ring that is just overhead.

So, enjoy the waning hours of the first full day of the year.  Smile when you think about all that is ahead of you...and press on with great expectations and joy in your heart.  Don't fear disappointment or play the "what if" game until you make yourself nuts.  There's plenty of time for that.  Just make a plan, execute it, and see what happens.  You might just be surprised.

I surely hope I will...:)

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