Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lightening Up

Ever had one of those days that you thought was going to start out normal, but you ended up doing something a bit different?  Today started out like any day except for the fact that somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:00 a.m., my work computer died. 

Died as in...freaky colored lines and unable to reboot kind of died.  Fortunately, it was NOT the big pop, fire, and a tremendous amount of smoke billowing from the monitor kind of died because I would have gone into Prissy mode...which I'd really rather my coworkers not witness.

This early retirement of my laptop was critical in that I work on the computer all day.  Not part of the day.  Not when I need to do A or B, either.  All day.  For everything.

Because of this, I am often asked how I can come home and sit in front of the computer and write, or get on Facebook or take the time to find deals, read blogs, or check my e-mail.  Honestly?  I have no idea. 

Fortunately, one of my coworkers has a dual office.  He only uses the one in our building occasionally, but he has a desktop computer in there.  After getting some of my access transferred around (don't ask me about anything about computer or network programming or you will discover one of my glaring areas of weakness), I camped out in his spacious minimalist office today...and it totally rocked.  (Well, actually...literally as well.  Had the Foo on the iPod.)

Being in a different space on an unfamiliar setup was really quite nice.  I tend to be a bit claustrophobic...and because of the location of my office (and the size) is sometimes a little bit stressful for me.  I'm not complaining..I am happy to have a job, a place to work and all that.  I just really enjoyed having the extra room to move around in today.

It was really nice to lighten up from the stacks of "stuff" and be able to just do my work.

Don't we all need to lighten up occasionally?  Some of us carry a lot of burdens, cares, and responsibilities...and we need those little diversions to help us get through the rough spots.  Just like I was given some space to breathe today...maybe you need to allow yourself some of your favorite things around you...or allow yourself to do something just a little differently than you normally do. 

Do you remember when we were in school and every so often a teacher would take us outside to have class?  I think that this happened possibly three or four times while I was a kid.  Once it was a math class and I believe that we were studying the metric system.  The teacher took us outside and let us measure various things.  Another time, it was a science class and the lesson was what it would have been...but it was a pretty day...and so she taught it outdoors.  She might as well have...we were all looking out the windows anyway.

I just remember how cool it was.  Obviously.

I need to lighten up in another way, too.  I need to pay closer attention to my weight again.  Apparently, while other people have extraordinary abilities to run marathons, decorate beautifully or prepare something so over the top that you just superpower is the ability to store energy.  If I could only store up money half as well as I do weight...I'd be golden.   

When I need a break from the mundane and need to get my mind focused and my spirits up...there are some guaranteed ways to get me pumped up. 

Like...thinking about heading to London and Paris.  Ooh la la and tally-ho. 

Nice, yes?

Actually, I am trying to plan a trip there this Fall.  Assuming I can pull it together with points, spending money and timing.  That'll a real mood elevator and change of scenery for sure.

Or how about some music?  Music makes me happy.  It also makes me tune out everything except what I am supposed to be concentrating on.  Why it has this effect on me, I know not.  But it does...

Why yes that IS "Times Like These" by the Foo Fighters!  Okay,'s one that's a little milder...

Kind of makes you wants some Mentos, doesn't it?  True story...for several years after this video was released, the Foo Fighters had to stop playing "Big Me" during their concerts...even though it was one of their biggest hits.  The band got tired of being pelted with Mentos everytime they did.  Frankly, I've been craving Mentos for the past week.  The new album that I've been listening to non-stop has been out for a week.  Coincidence?  I. Think. Not. 

For a bad mood...there is always Gerard Butler to make it all better...

Yes, a good Gerard Butler movie can definitely make me smile.  My favorite was...

Yes..."The Ugly Truth."  I'm not going to pretend that it was a movie that is going to do a lot for your spiritual growth...but I did enjoy it.

Speaking of spiritual growth...I pretty much like anything by Max Lucado.  Another favorite is Bruce Wilkinson...who wrote "Prayer of Jabez"...and did a week-long revival-type instructional series at our church.  I hear that he is coming back this Fall.  Guess who will be attending that?  (If you guessed "Karen" would be correct.)

I can always go for a wonderful sunrise...

Or sunset...

Sometimes, I don't have to go any farther than this...

Or this...

Come know they're cute...high maintenance...but cute.  (Kind of like the two in the picture above them.)

I don't know what it is that makes you feel better.  Maybe you could cut some flowers from your yard or buy a bouquet to put on your desk, or paint your toenails one of those awful brown or black colors that are apparently so popular now.  Maybe you'll decide to take a day off and do nothing but exactly what you want to do.

But whatever you do...when life is hard...try to find a way to lighten up!  If nothing will give you a brief point in time to just get beyond whatever is weighing on you.  Well, at least it works for me.

The last way that I lighten up is actually the most effective.  I simply ask God to take the burden.  The trick, of course, is to trust that it is handled and then to refuse to take it back.  Yes, it is difficult...but it is also what we are instructed to do. 

So, let's lighten up!


  1. This has really got me thinking.....I really need to find where I can lighten up. This will be my goal for the next few days.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous. Were you the photographer that captured the sunise and sunset - it is one of the most successful likeness to feeling the real thing. Growing up in a Baptist Church in Opelika, we actually went outside under the shade trees and had quite a few Sunday School and Training Union sessions. Ir seemed closer to God in His outdoors. As far as reading helping me to escape, one of the greatest authors of my time is Philip Yancey. You can't go wrong with one of his books. Just wish I cold afford them all. I know there are libraries, but I like to have my very own to underline or write in or not. Relaxing is not one of my suites, but reading the Bible or Philip Yaney and a few others is like "Calgon take me away." Thanks for the nudge to learn to lighten up.

  3. Wish I could claim the sunrise/sunset pictures...I've actually taken some pretty awesome sunrise pictures out of the back window of the house...but these are from Google images. I chose the ones that spoke to I'm glad that you enjoyed! Of course, one of the ways I lighten up is to get online and write and talk to you thank you for responding! :) It never fails to make my day. :)

  4. Can't stand Foo. but I did get (2) 50 count Mentos for 90 cents this week! It was a great coupon week.And yes the carb binge I'm on has to stop at some point.