Sunday, April 17, 2011

Points In Time

Today is the 2nd Birthday of this blog!  There were several people who had a hand in getting me to sit down and try to figure out this whole online experience.  They know who they are and hope that they know that they are appreciated.  One told me that I ought to consider writing a blog...another sent me e-mails back and forth and kept telling me that she enjoyed my writing style.

In case you were wondering, the title for this blog came out of thin air. What that basically means is that I was sitting at the keyboard about to type something and thought...what do I want to write about at this point in time? While I am not normally known for literal thinking...I have to credit divine inspiration, because I literally wrote "Points In Time" and then added the "My" in front of it. There was no burning bush...but the words slipped into my fingers two years ago...and here we are.

Frankly, most of the time the subject matter just comes to me that way...through something that comes to mind, something that is happening, or a snippet of something that I read on the Facebook news feed. What I write about is about as random as possible...but my life is a bit random. And that's really quite okay with me.

Several of you started reading and signed on early, and would mention things on my Facebook page about what I had written.  I started the My Points In Time Facebook page to have a place to deposit the blogposts so that more of you had easier access.  I stopped copying them over a few weeks ago and instead put the link on that page so that you would know when there was something new posted.  For the longest time...I have had very few official followers of the blog but I've known that some of you who weren't showing up in the follower count were out there.  My Mom has clicked the buttons at the bottom of the page almost every day...because she cannot figure out how to actually "follow" the blog.  So she does what she can to let me know she's there...including calling me to ask me about something I've written or to tell me that I have consistently used "insure" in a place where she's quite sure I mean "ensure" so that I don't continue to embarrass myself.

Why yes, I DO come from a long line of English teachers, educators, and voracious readers.  A misspelled word is, therefore, among the worst offenses a writer can be found guilty of.  (Another is ending sentences with prepositions.  Whoops. )

Of course, that wasn't my worst spelling error.  In one post, spelling "pacaderm" incorrectly (correct is "pachyderm") after actually looking it up in the Google box and then seeing it (and writing it) incorrectly because my eyes failed to override the stubbornness in my brain was super embarrassing.  I'm sure that there were others...but I hope not too many!

Yet in spite of the occasional spelling error, gramatical snafu or place where I repeat myself...I really enjoy trying to put something out here that you might be tempted to read.  Sometimes I write essays...other times a faith journey, occasionally something fun, and from time to time I'll give you what amounts to an entry in my diary.  I rarely know what is coming from day to day...but I do know that whatever it is...I enjoy the process. 

If you are reading this now...know that it is you that keeps this going.  I enjoy putting my thoughts out here and seeing what you will teach me through your comments. Sometimes what I say touches a common chord that runs through all of us and a lot of folks will have something to add.  Know that I think of your interest, encouragement and comments as providing the other half of our conversation. 

Maybe one day I will compile these blogposts into something...or not.  Perhaps I'll try my hand at fiction, or I'll get a stronger vision of where all of this is leading.  But for now, the only word I have received in my spirit has been "write."  So I write.  Of late, however, I've been getting the impression that the writing needs to go in a specific area.  To narrow it down...I'll obviously need your help.  Please continue to comment as often as you feel led. 

I hope that those of you who have stopped by have enjoyed the past two years...and especially the past week as I've enjoyed celebrating with you! 

Please keep reading...and if you know someone that would enjoy this blog...I do hope that you will tell them to come by. 

Again...thank you for two years of support, kind words, encouragement, and feedback.  I hope that the coming year will be as much fun as the past two have been.  Or even more so.

Hope to see you here...and again...THANK YOU.


  1. Just signed on as a "follower"...keep up the good work!

  2. To quote one of my favorite characters, Dory,
    "Just keep writing,writing,writing, just keep writing...." well, I quess that's not really a quote since she says "Just keep swimming."but you get the idea. Just do it! We'll keep reading.

  3. Happy Birthday My Points in Time!! Look forward to reading more, more, and more! Enjoy it all!

  4. Congrats Karen !! Well Done !!

  5. I have been a follower for a few months now since I noticed your spot on facebook, I guess through my niece Lauren. You cannot imagine what memories you conjure up with your writing because it is really always about what is happening in a "real" person's life, not some "fake reality spector." I identified with your family of English Majors - I wanted to be an English Teacher. I didn't get to do that, but I did teach my daughter well. She credits me with being her expansive vocabulary,even though she has a PhD. She said she always noticed growing up that my vocabulary was different (???????)and she learned words from me. My love of the dictionary accounts for that. In fact, the rule for her was - if I tell you the meaning of the word or how to spell it, it will cost you a quarter. But if you look it up then it becomes yours for life. But I have another whole set of problems when I get on facebook and comments on blogs. The fonts are "different" (haha) so I totally miss letters and mispell words. They need spell check for my tastes. Just the other day, I was writing something on facebook and asked Ed to read it first. He indicated that he would not use "that split infinitive." WHAT??????
    Happy, Happy Second Birthday My Points in Time, I need you Karen!

  6. Thank you, Karen, for My Points in Time. Some days your writing is what keeps me motivated and helps me feel a special kinship back to my "roots" in Thomaston. I always enjoyed your quick wit and ability to quickly assess a situation!

    I am so happy to have reconnected with you. It is a blessing to have your sweet persoanlity in my life! Thanks!!!!!!

    I am proud of you for writing the blog and for never letting the mundane become mundane for you! ♥