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In Conclusion - Part IV

(This is Part IV of a series I've been writing for the past week...check out Parts I, II, and III if you haven't already...and as always...thanks for reading!)

When we left off...our fearless band members were putting out more great music...and as things generally happen...after awhile...either the band breaks up or it finds a new way to reinvent itself. 

Fortunately, the Foos are masters of reinvention.

The songs released from the fifth album "In Your Honor" - released in 2005 - included essentials such as "Best of You," "Resolve," and "No Way Back."  All of these totally rock. 
If you ever don't think that Dave Grohl can sell a this video for "Best of You."

I love this video for "Resolve" - especially the "Asian Dave" that appears in it...
If "No Way Back" doesn't make you want to get up and get moving...nothing will. 

And finally...a really cool video that was shot in a 360 degree room for "DOA."
Do not know what the obsession is with the muffins...but I do love the dog in this video. 

The band went on to do an acoustic tour that gave a whole new dimension to the band (2007).  They expanded the band to include a keyboardist and a female violinist, used a number of "B side" songs and eventually released a compiled album called "Skin and Bones" that was the band's first live album.  My favorite from this album was "Marigold."  This song was actually the first song that Dave Grohl wrote, and it appeared as a "B side" for "Heart Shaped Box" (In Utero album).  Here's the Foo Fighters version:
It is an amazing rendition...and it rocks in spite of the fact that the band is seated during an acoustic concert.  The words are amazingly simple, but the melody is what sells it.  It is the only song performed by both Nirvana and Foo Fighters, and the only song Kurt Cobain performed on that he had no creative input.  His version is below:
And the music doesn't start until about 30 seconds into the just hang on. 

I personally prefer the Foo Fighters version.  But then again, I am unlike most fans of alternative music.  I came to Nirvana through Foo Fighters...instead of the other way around.

The band released another album in 2007 called "Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace."  The title came from a song called "Home" on the album that is just amazingly beautiful.  Essential songs from this album include "The Pretender" and "Long Road to Ruin."  A lot of fans enjoyed this change of wonderful acoustic music intertwined with the band's rock energy.

You honestly have to look at the 3:28 minute point in the video.  It is my favorite. 

The band put out a "Greatest Hits" album in 2009.  But they weren't done...

In 2011, the new album "Wasting Light" was released.  The entire album was recorded in the "old school" method - analog tape - in Dave Grohl's garage.  The band also performed the entire album on CBS dressed as The Beatles (the clips were in black and white).  After the album was played...the Foos went on to play another hour (the clips were in color) from their massive library.  It was a wonderful surprise for the people in the audience (and me at the computer watching it live.)

Essential songs from this album include "Rope" and "Walk."  A third video for "White Limo" was put out as well...but it is probably my least favorite song on the album.  Weird.

This song ("Rope") had actually been in the "vault" for a while along with two other songs that showed up as bonus tracks on the Greatest Hits album.  I absolutely love this song...and love that Pat Smear is back on this album.  He played on the second Foo Fighters album and was a touring guitarist for the acoustic tour...but he's back in the fold full time.  Love this.

This video is hilarious.  It is based on the 1993 movie with Michael Douglas ("Falling Down") where Dave just "snaps" as he tries to get to rehearsal.  The bumper stickers while he is stuck in traffic are the last straw. 

I don't know where the band will go from here...but I am hopeful that they will continue playing great music.  I'm a huge fan of Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters and think that a lot of people don't actually listen to their music because they assume that everything the band puts out is rock.  Not so.

One of my favorite renditions that Dave Grohl did is the acoustic version of "Everlong"...
Come can't not like THAT one.

Or the one I mentioned earlier..."Home"...
By the way...Dave received a piano for his birthday less than five years ago.  He'd never had lessons.  He said that this song would be nearly impossible for him to play in concert because it is so close to his

I don't know if you have taken the time to walk with me these past few days as I've written these blogposts.  I hope you have.  Maybe you've been surprised that the music was different than you expected.  If you'd never taken the time to listen and had written the band off for some reason (as I did Nirvana)...hopefully, you'll be a new fan.  There's quite a library of music to download and enjoy.  At the very have been exposed and can make a decision whether you actually like the band and its music or not.

There is something real about this band that makes me feel as if I know them.  Dave Grohl is an immensely talented musician, and I am extremely impressed with his versatility and his staying power in an industry that evolves constantly.  He's a family are all of the Foos.  They take their family with them on the road frequently.  In a recent interview, he said that there were ten kids under the age of seven backstage before many of the shows along with their wives and other family members.  I love this.

I'm not a huge fan of tattoos (Dave is covered in them), he (and the other band members) use the "f" word like I use the word "and," and we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum.  Honestly, I couldn't care less.

I do hope that you've enjoyed walking through this with me...and I appreciate those of you who have managed to read all of these and "get" what I'm trying to convey.

I'm a fan.  A big one.

Rock on.

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