Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on the WB

Last week, I wrote about my future experience as a WB (the W is for "wedding" and the B is for "whatever you want it to be") and dreamt of what all that would entail.  So, I am here to give you an update of sorts.  Because the experience was actually quite fun. 

First of all, you should probably know that I was given the spiritual gifts of teaching, administration, and prophecy which means that I'm more or less the person who can show you how to do something, who isn't afraid to speak up, and who can anticipate needs.  Contrast this with the gifts where I was obviously sprinkled with rather than deluged with...namely...mercy...and you might understand why I get a kick out of the role of WB as opposed to HV/NHV (hospital visitor/nursing home visitor).  We all have our roles.

Just know that if I don't visit you in the hospital or check up on you regularly when you are sick...this is something I'm working on...but I'd almost rather pull off all of my by one...than try to find a parking place and visit someone in the hospital.  I'm much better once you get home.  "Much better" is defined as "I will cook something for you, deliver it, and stay less than ten minutes."

On the other hand...some people absolutely hate going to weddings or other social functions that involve dressing up on a weekend.  This includes about 99% of all men and women who can't stand drama or want to spend the weekend saddling a lawnmower or sitting in front of the television watching Redbox with no makeup on in their yoga pants.

Which would be me if there isn't a wedding going on somewhere.

I adore weddings.  I love the kind that have two people who are so happy that they are glowing...and the ceremony is sweet.  Contrast this to the weddings where you are almost entirely sure that something is rotten in Denmark because there is just no joy.  Fortunately, I have only been to a couple of these in my life...and that was more than enough for me.

The current fascination with weddings started in 2007 when my younger cousins and oldest nephew started getting married.  (Actully, my sister, Linda, got married before this, but it was in France, and she planned to have a formal gathering at some point in time...but she ended up being busy with two little people born in quick succession and it didn't happen.  But it will just watch.)

Now I am knee deep in "wedding season" after "the most perfect wedding - ever" - Meredith and Matt's and another niece and nephew and Jill's classmates started getting married.

Jill's classmates.  Oh my, I still see them with bows in their hair.  Except that four of them are married right now and another two have wedding plans for later this year.  My friend, Beve's daughter, Courtney, is getting married in August, and there are various people from the classes of 2005-09 that I know that are currently engaged. 

And the earlier 2007 and forward weddings?  Babies.  Lots of them. 

But back to last week...and my duties there. 

It was no surprise to me that the MOB (mother of the bride) had everything well in hand and had hired excellent people to do the flowers, photography, catering and hair.  The dress was beautiful and anyone getting married at the First Baptist Church in Montgomery is going to have a beautiful place to walk the aisle and a lovely ceremony.  In fact, at first, I pretty much wondered what I was going to be needed to do...because it all seemed to be running so smoothly.

Too smoothly.  Which, of course, always makes me highly suspicious from personal experience.

The MOB asked if I'd like to sashay into the sanctuary and see the flowers while we were waiting for the MOH's (maid of honor) hair to be finished by the beautician that I am totally hiring one day if Jill gets married.

The bride, MOB and I walked in and I saw the lovely floral creations on either side of the rail, but the one that was on the altar was MIA.  Actually, it had "jumped" off of the altar in an act of top heavy-ness or because the air came on or something.  I know not.  What I did know was that the MOB just calmly phoned the other WB working behind the scenes on this wedding to get the florist up there to see what could be done.  (Turns out that it was no problem whatsoever and everything was put back in place and nobody was the wiser.  Except maybe now.  But seriously, you couldn't tell...and now that it's over we can laugh about it, yes?)

Hope so.

Anyway, people started arriving shortly after that forgetting everything from deodorant to actually getting the wrinkles out of their bridesmaid dress.  Fortunately, I had all of this covered.

I don't have a photo of the bridesmaid standing on the stool fully dressed with hair and makeup while I steamed the wrinkles out of her dress while trying to avoid giving her second degree burns.  But then again?  I think you can do this one on your own. 

Or letting a tuck out of another bridesmaid's dress because she was spilling over like a Kardashian and needed some more space...even at the risk of losing the strapless gown.

Or alerting the MOB that the pew markers with the hydrangeas had faded not-so-gloriously and needed attention as soon as the flower arrangement was fixed.

Or helping to carry an insane number of white styrofoam boxes with the contents of the reception leftovers to the car with the MOB.  In the rain. 

I loved every minute of it.  It brought me immense joy to be that close to a happy occasion and to feel like I was able to help someone.  Sure beats hanging out in a hospital.  (But then what doesn't?)

I loved that I was asked and that I was able to help.  The other WB put out food for lunch (it was a 2:00 wedding), handled the bride's book, and helped get the flowers from the reception back to the house.  She was nothing short of amazing. 

The first person to let me close to the wedding "action" was my "other daughter," Lauren, who got married last year.  She was so incredibly kind to invite me to everything wedding-related...and I had an amazing time.  She is about to be celebrating her first anniversary.  Time flies.

I know that the couple that got married this weekend will be happy together.  Both of them have sweet families and they are obviously in love.  That's an excellent start, yes?

In just a few months, I will have the honor of helping out again at another wedding, and I'm very happy to do so.  I don't know if I'll be the WB...but I'll have some marching orders to be sure. 

And one day?  It will be my turn to pick up the phone and let my friends know that Jill is getting married.  Just not anytime soon.  Unless she wants me to open up a jar of Planters for her reception food.  Because that totally will happen if I can't have a little space to save some money. 

It would also help if I could see her glow like the bride did last Saturday.  That hasn't happened yet.

But I am pretty sure that someday it will.  I'm equally sure that my friends will be right there getting me through it.  Rock on. 


  1. I have taken the notes and put them in my MOB folder. So glad you are a part of Courtney's wedding....from listening to the all the time "wedding info of the day", from sharing wedding details through the years, to knowing that you will be there for me the day of the wedding! Thanks sweet friend!

  2. I'm excited to be there for it! It will be a wonderful day! :)