Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Today is Monday...and it is Labor Day. The day where the working people in America are honored and the "unofficial" end to summer. It is Easter's bookend with regard to white shoe wearing, linen sporting, and bathing suit drama because if we wait until Memorial is just too late. We can put our pedicures on a back burner because we won't be wearing sandals to work for awhile. If we haven't already...we can start putting our school spirit flags on our cars on gameday or every day. Because, in my opinion, official or not...Fall begins the day after Labor Day.

Labor Day...a day when we are not supposed to work and celebrate the fact that we have jobs that are on hold today. The banks are closed, the government is pretty much on hiatus, and people are either swimming for the last time this season, barbecuing, or just doing absolutely positively nothing. And with an unemployment rate of approximately 10%, I suppose that being grateful for what we are doing should go without saying.

Personally, because it occurs so rarely in my life...I happen to like the option of doing nothing productive. So, to celebrate Labor Day, I am raising a mug of specialty coffee because I got up at 9 a.m. and Big Dave had already had his fill...and drained the whole pot. Mr. I Drink-My-Coffee-Black-Because-It-Is-Too-Much-Trouble-To-Put-Stuff-In-It detests frou-frou coffee. So, I am enjoying a piping hot mug of something that not only smells good brewing, but tastes absolutely delightful. It has been paired beautifully with a small cinnamon yeast roll that I have on hand because we have a guest.

The sounds in my house are quiet except for my daughter's phone that keeps going off every fifteen minutes in a vain attempt to get her up. Yeah, good luck with THAT. I am also listening to Big Dave unload the dishwasher, which just screams "sexy" to me.

Because we've had guests, my house is clean, my pantry and refrigerator are stocked to overflowing, and I already have tonight's meal(poppyseed chicken) waiting to be cooked at the proper time.

So, today, I am sitting here with the ability to write a love note to the world...just happy that I am free to sit here and do nothing but just that. Well, this happiness may just be a sugar rush...but whatever.

Ah...I hear stirring. Must have been the smell of the coffee and cinnamon yeast rolls...ya think? Later!


  1. I love Poppyseed Chicken...I was thinking about when I still lived in Montgomery last night and I recall going to your home for supper. You served a pork chop casserole with hash browns and shredded cheese and Durkee's french friend you remember that dish? I think I still have it tucked away somewhere. Funny what you remember, isn't it? Have a great day off.

  2. Oh wow! Yeah, I do still have that recipe! I had a wonderful weekend. Busy...but fun! :)