Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Being An Idiot

In case you haven't figured it out by now...I am an idiot. I am married to a man (and I'm a woman), I am a Christian (including sending my children to private Christian school), and I'm a conservative. Yes! I'm absolutely out of my mind.

I think that Sarah Palin speaks for me. I haven't had a candidate since Ronald Reagan who has. I like the fact that she is smart and capable and makes sense when she speaks (without a teleprompter). I know! Can you believe it? I have an MBA from a local college (Auburn University Montgomery) and a Bachelor of Science degree from Troy University (aka "Troy State.") Granted, these degrees aren't from Princeton or Harvard or Berkeley, but I did graduate. I'd like to think that I learned how to think things through, can express myself, and that I know enough to be a functioning member of society. Apparently that stops at being able to judge who makes sense and who doesn't. Who knew?

I am reminded frequently that because I am not enamored with our current President for reasons that have to do with his advisors and his policies...that I'm an idiot. Really? I think that people who support the President without recognizing what his policies (and those of the Democratic-controlled Congress) are making us less free as a people must be the brilliant ones. Many of these people are too busy to be bothered with details like reading and studying history because they are counting on NBC to lay it all out there for them. Only an idiot would want to form his or her own opinion.

I'm an idiot...but I do recognize that Barack Obama is a black man. He is also a white man. And yet he is the President of all Americans. So, I'm apparently naive for not really caring what package he is wrapped in after the initial historical significance. But because I disagree with him...it must be because he's black...or because I am an idiot.

Did I mention that I watch Fox News? Yeah, that is another strike for me I suppose. I mean...heaven forbid that we actually point out both sides of an issue. I've been accused repeatedly of not knowing the facts. Really? I beg to differ. Whose facts? Liberals'? Is that the reason that I am an idiot? With regard to Fox, I just happen to know that the ONLY place that shows anywhere close to both sides of an issue...is Fox News. NOT the commentators...like Hannity...he's totally skewed...but you know what? We know where he stands. Shocking! But Shepard Smith? Really? The guy is a Democrat. But he's a newscaster...so he presents BOTH SIDES.

By the way, were you aware that the President refuses to do anything with Fox? Guess that being the number one news network means nothing. But we're (of course) crazy (or just anti-Obama) for watching. I suppose that he thinks that it is classy to just refuse to show up...and to constantly denegrate the network in the gazillion speeches and appearances he insists on making every flipping day of my life. My happiest week? When he was on vacation at Martha's Vineyard. But remember...I'm an idiot...so I can't tell the difference between the facts and what I see on Fox News. I mean...facts are facts. And facts show us that only facts that prove that Obama is correct are the only ones I should be paying attention to. Or so I'm told...

I am also crazy because I believe in God, take what the Bible says literally, and don't rewrite it to suit myself. That apparently makes me an idiot. I should be figuring out how I want to live my life...and then figure out a way to make the verses fit my situation. That's intelligent, right? And I'm supposed to be perfect...because I'm a Christian...and not suffer from any human weakness...because if I do...I'm a hypocrite (as well as an idiot). Other people, however, are free to do whatever they want to do, and I am not supposed to say, do, or think anything but embrace their choices...because that's what Jesus would do. Ah, we're back to verse interpretation again.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh. I don't agree with everything he says...but I do agree with a lot of it. I suppose that is because I'm an idiot. What I find is that the people who think that Rush is a horrible divisive person...are the same ones who tune in for five minutes, are offended, and never hear him out. Sometimes he says things that are obviously using his very dry sense of humor. At face value, I suppose I can see why it seems that he is wrong. But this man was not enamored with Bush, McCain, and is certainly not impressed with Obama. He's a conservative...and believes in limited national government. Frankly, I like the fact that he is true to his principles. I know it is idiotic to do that...but whatever.

I tend to not want big government...so I am an idiot. I felt like the people in New Orleans who did not get out as Hurricane Katrina crashed in and ended up at the SuperDome experienced something horrific. Ironically, the current Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal (a conservative)managed to get people evacuated when a big storm (that thankfully did not come to fruition) was forecast. The governor during Katrina...was waiting on the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT to act. Really? Oh, and kudos to Haley Barbour (a conservative) who was the governor of Mississippi during Katrina...and whose citizens had devastation as well...managed to get his people helped without whining on national television and blaming Bush. Because only an idiot would find anything positive that George W. Bush ever did. Aids relief in Africa? Nope. THAT certainly doesn't count...not to the people who call me an idiot.

I am told that I need the government to tell me how to live my life...because there are people even more idiotic than I am who can't manage to figure out how to pull it together. So, I am forced to supplement them...because it is the right thing to do. And why shouldn't it be? The people judging me don't see that the place that should be serving needs is the church. But, wait, I forgot...I'm an idiot for going to church...so we need the government to make us all do the right thing. That makes total sense!

Being an idiot also means that I live in the South, I pay my bills, I want my children to become productive citizens, and I like rock music rather than something sophisticated and artistically relevant. I'm far too idiotic to have any taste, class, or sense. I am apparently in true need of reform. My tastes and preferences are mainstream...and mainstream is just a synonym for "wrong" and "uncultured."

Sadly...I know no other way. I see no other alternative. I try to remain open-minded...but I'm told all of the time how wrong I am. Over time, I am left with two alternatives to explain it...everyone telling me I'm an idiot is actually an idiot...or I am. I am right...but I'm told by the left that right is wrong. Guess time will tell.

And just for the record...I am not an idiot. I'm just sick of being told that I am...and thought I'd just get it out of my system here. Thanks for reading.

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