Monday, October 12, 2009


There are days when I would love to be bored. I'd love to have absolutely nothing to do. Nothing. No housework that was undone, no unpaid bills, no filing, no correspondence, and no sleep deficit. I'd love to have nothing to worry about, nobody wanting anything, and everything under control. Yeah, right.

This past week, I was under the weather. I felt horrible. Sinuses felt like someone lit a candle in them, coughs and sneezes made me miserable, and my head felt like I had been clubbing without the associated good time preceding it. I'm still not 100% - but do feel tremendously better than I did. Did work stop during this? Well, no. Of course not. And we moved from our office of five years to one of the branches. The five filing cabinets are in total disarray. The moving people actually broke one of addition to three other very expensive fire resistant cabinets as well. Will I be bored at work tomorrow? Hardly. Tomorrow is Tuesday, but it is also Monday and Tuesday because we didn't work today. I have to have the file situation somewhat corrected because we have people coming to use the board room...which is the current repository for all of the files. Great! (Not.)

This weekend I spent Saturday on the couch watching football with my daughter and one of her sorority sisters. All day Saturday on the couch. Heaven. But was I bored? Absolutely not! Who can be bored with SEC football games playing?

But sometimes, I'd just like to be bored. To have everything taken care of so that I can unwind a bit. It is during the times when I am not overrun with the "have-tos" that the "maybe I can..." part of me comes alive. It has been a long time since I've thought of the possibilities of life...because I've been dealing with what I must do...rather than what I want to do. I even want to get past what I want to do...and into what I might want to do. As an adult...that just doesn't happen very often.

I listen to teenagers speak of being bored and I laugh. I remember being bored...I truly do. But, now that I have the means to do many things that I want to do...I just don't have the free time. My time is sold in the marketplace and to the possessions we've acquired throughout adulthood. Want to be a homeowner? You have to clean and maintain it...or hire someone to do so. Cars? They require servicing and cleaning. Children? Bleacher time, enrichment, and a whole lot of maintenance and love. Love for kids is spelled T-I-M-E or so I'm told.

So, those who are at a point in their lives where they can be glad. Use that time to dream, take the burden off someone else, or just enjoy your time to yourself. Don't fight it...consider it a gift.

As for me, I am hoping for a little boredom every now and again. I look forward to just smelling the roses (or tea olives in my case right now) and dreaming a bit. I realize that the busyness of life is highly overrated. I love a slower pace. And the luxury of being bored would mean that I have taken care of business to such a point that I am only left with time to dream. Sounds good to me.

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