Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great Expectations and Great Intentions

I have figured out that my life is mostly lived in the perfect realm located on the corner of "great expectations" and "great intentions." These sound like one and the same to the untrained ear, but Great expectations spring from a desire toward nirvana. To have a little piece of heaven on earth...the best possible outcome...the mountaintop experience.

Great intentions can be anything from meaning well to actual execution. They are simply grand ideas with just a thread of possibility. The difference between the that great expectations actually give life to a great intention.

I mean, we are all dreamers in one way or another. Some of us have the capacity and derive enjoyment from creating order, making plans, or problem solving. We see the boundaries...and either choose to be put in the corral or we jump out there and just hope for the best by whizzing past the boundaries to see if it is indeed an electric fence...or a mirage. When we are knocked back...we simply head off in a different direction.

So, in my life right now, I have great intentions of cleaning up my house, being fiscally responsible, and eating nutritious, budget friendly and perfectly balanced meals. I also have great expectations that my family will prosper, my spiritual life will be healthy, and I will be seated in the audience for those important passages in life.

As I watch the Academy Awards I think of all of the great expectations of the various people that have been nominated. The fact that even being nominated forever gives them the title of "Academy Award nominee" before their name. If they are successful, they just change "nominee" to "winner." Apparently, the nomination alone is worthy of being noted...and I suppose that's right.

So as you go out into life...dream big things. Have great expectations. Believe in yourself and in the people who surround you. We all have great intentions of being the perfect friend or spouse...instead of great expectations of being just that. We only pass by some people for a brief time. Let's make the most of that time by leaving an impression that we were kind...loved others...and offered encouragement.

Let's change those great intentions to great expectations. In some cases, it isn't a big is just a step or two. But taking that step could change our lives. In other cases, we may have to work hard to activate that switch within us that makes us soar. Having other people in our corner certainly makes the ride a lot smoother...or at least a whole lot less lonely. And there is a lot to be said for that...

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