Monday, January 16, 2012

My Favorite Things 1-10

One of the funny things about denying yourself something is that it is really easy to start focusing on what you don't have.  If you let that take hold in your spirit, then eventually you start feeling like all of the everyday blessings you have (and take for granted) are tired, worn out and unworthy.  Oh, please.  Save yourself from that!

This morning, a friend on Facebook posted pictures of his barbecue.  Seriously!  He is a competitive grillsman (don't know the exact wording for this and really should since my brother-in-law, Bill, is as well, but whatever) and he is proud of his craft.  Where most of us put photos of our children and grandchildren on Facebook...he put his barbecue's picture on in all of its amazingly delicious-looking glory. 

Incidentally, barbecue is on the "no-fly" list for me right now along with sugar and bread. 

But you know what? Instead of pouting because I can't be face down in a plate of that pork...I am praising the fact that somebody somewhere is going to have some good eatin' tonight.

Good for them.

That's the attitude I have to keep to stay on the right course.  To focus on my favorite things instead of what I'm giving up.  I've had enough focus on giving things up.  For years, actually.

So, here's the 2012 list of my favorite things.  Other than #1, these are not in any particular order.  Most of you who know me know that these are on the list, but you may or may not (care or) know why.  I'm putting it out there anyway because I seriously need to get my mind off that barbecue. 

1. God.

Although obvious, I'm not going to start any list of my favorite things without putting Him at the beginning.  In the past, I have not been as bold about my faith as I now feel compelled to be.  Why?  Because I thought if anyone knew me and some of the things I've either done, thought, or been involved with that they'd think I was a fraud.  And then I thought...if Paul could do can I.  I don't care anymore if people think that I need to keep my faith to myself.  I refuse.  I'm tired of trying to fit in, not attract notice, or wait until I get it together.  Oh, please.  Right now, He is calling me to be bold. So, bold I will be.

2. Tim Tebow

Want to know who inspired #1 in part?  Yes.  Timmy.  I have been a fan of Tim's since I saw him begin playing for the University of Florida.  At first, I was impressed by his athletic ability.  That quickly changed to being impressed by his Christian walk.  I don't care where he ends up in life...I'm a fan.  A big one. 

So he had issues in his first year as a starting quarterback.  Give him time.  I don't care if he's as talented as the pundits want him to be.  I know whose team he's on...and if David could slay Goliath with a slingshot and a stone...Tim can pour them all a cup of shut up juice.  I believe this.

3. Foo Fighters

I won't elaborate a whole lot about this since I dedicated three four blogposts to this a few months ago at

The truth?  I just love the talent.  And the music.  And the band.  I could do without the language.  Seriously.  But my favorite?  Here it is...

4. My Extremely Extraordinarily Amazingly Talented Friends

I have friends who can do anything.  Anything!  They are painters (Nedra, Jamie, Barb, Traci and Gina), decorators (Judy and Marion), cake makers (Paige and Debbie), daylily growers (Andrea, Chrystie and Kayla), seamstresses/embroidery wizards (Sarah and Ellen), writers (Ruthie and Courtney), culinary divas (my Apples of Gold friends), and others that inspire me in many other things that they do in just the regular course of life.  I have prayer warrior friends, organizers (Beve and Lisa), card-makers (Cindy), and encouragers (Bonnie, Laura, Julie, Libbie, Bobbi and Julie Ann). 

Talk about blessed!  Every friend I have has made my life richer.  From my golden friends to my newest ones...all are a gift from God.

Nedra McMullin Art of Gold
(Images used without permission...but I hope they'll forgive me!)

5. Health

In spite of everything I've managed to do wrong...God has blessed me with the gift of health.  And what a gift it is. 

6. A Loving Family

I have been married for 26 years to a wonderful man, and I have two children who have exceeded my expectations for them.  I have wonderful parents...and in-laws. The extended family is loving and wonderful and supportive.  I cannot be more blessed in this regard.

7. Gerard Butler and Channing Tatum

It is fun to go to the movies and enjoy watching two actors who seem normal and in Channing's case...happily married and proud of it.  I am a huge fan of both...for some obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons. 

(Yes, the picture of Channing is with his wife, Jenna.)  Love them.

8. Coffee

I enjoy coffee.  A cup in the morning and an occasional run through Starbucks to treat myself make me immensely happy.  Even more fun is to get a really great barista or ordertaker at Starbucks.  The guy working in the drive thru at Starbucks last Friday night (at Eastchase) made me giggle and I even dug out a tip although I'd used my debit card because he was so incredibly charming.  Not flirtatious...charming.  I can you not want to tip someone who says "whatever you wish."  Seriously.  He prepared my house blend small coffee exactly as I asked and smiled as he did it. 

9. Chick-Fil-A

One of the things I'm really going to miss about my new eating program is the french fries at Chick-fil-A.  However, I do enjoy a giant Diet Lemonade from time to time.  Or every day.  Whatever.  Besides, what's not to like in seeing people move it to get you through quickly, smiling a lot, and staying "my pleasure" every other breath.  I also like that this is a privately held company, Christian-based, and successful in spite of the fact that they close on Sunday.  Good for them.  Plus, the commercials with the cows are clever and hilarious. 

Come know that's funny.


I was introduced to this website by a friend (who can save more money than anyone I know) several years ago.  Over time, I have found more deals than duds, and am always pleased with what I get.  The link is if you are interested in checking it out.  Sometimes they put things on there that are a little bit weird (my most recent one in this category was the "portable bidet")...but just last night I ordered 1,000 envelopes (2 boxes of 500) for $6 shipped.  That will keep Big Dave in envelopes for the entire year and then some.  Rock on.

Okay, I'm feeling a lot better now and don't feel any inclination to want barbecue.  What I want is to be obedient to God about this weight issue I've been struggling with for far too long.  FAR too long.

I hope that you focus today on your favorite things, too.  I'm putting #11 to 20 of mine on here later on.  After all, I never get tired of counting my blessings!


  1. Thank you for your blog! I am inspired and learn something every time I read!

  2. You are one of my favorite things too Mrs K! I love your insightful blog posts! And yes, you have just inspired me to do my own list of favorite things...all wedding related of course!