Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today was one of those days where I had a bad attitude. It started last night at Weight Watchers when I learned that I had only lost 1/2 pound instead of the four or twelve that I was hoping to drop. Then I came home and found out some information that I was really not happy about but was explained and I felt a little better. After that, I just zoned out in front of the computer watching Foo Fighters videos and staring at the hopeless mess that is my bedroom.

And while I cannot drop the weight I want to overnight, I could certainly do something about this room. But before I do...I need to do something about this attitude.

You see...how you are viewing the world at any given point in time is a lens through which everything else is viewed. If you are stressed about money...then every little thing that is unexpected is a big fat hairy deal. You will go absolutely ballistic because you have to spend $25 to change the oil in the car. If you see the economy as terrifying and crumbling...then every stock market drop or plant closing will cause your blood pressure to rise.

So, I suppose...if you start seeing the world as God intends for you to...with Him in control rather than your circumstances ruling things...then it stands to reason that you'll see things considerably more positive as a result. Right?

I have to admit...I have been freaking out this week...something that I don't entertain often and certainly don't enjoy. Truth be told...it is also something that is certainly not biblical. Worry's antidote is in Phillippians 4:6-7.

Today just was not a good day in that I just gave in to the misery instead of looking up instead. My day was something like this:

7:35 I'm supposed to be leaving for work to arrive on time...but I have been downloading Foo Fighters songs on iTunes. I have a dilemma...on time...or with my iPod (and my sanity). The latter wins.

8:03 I finish downloading, get in the car and arrive at work about 15 minutes later.

8:30 Finish something minor and then go online to sign my Master Promissory Note for financial aid at Alabama. This should have been done in November...but whatever. The process is supposed to take 10 minutes. This time limit assumes that you won't be interrupted.

8:35 Five minutes into the 10 minute process...someone calls with a work related question. I answer it.

8:45 Back to the stupid form...WHAT? Timed out? FINE...

8:50 Back to the same place in the form when coworker from next door interrupts me to tell me that someone is about to call me for a form that I created about 10 years ago as a lender. I tell her that it will be a few minutes...but naturally she puts the call through anyway. Apparently, I also did not say this nicely enough as I'm trying desperately not to time out again...and she takes offense. She signals this to me by closing her door...hard.

8:55 Form done...on to coffee.

8:57 Are you flipping kidding me? Which troll left 1/4 inch of coffee? OH, the one putting half of a packet of Splenda in his...which I find to be a total waste of his time. Why not the whole packet? Why? I hate to have my head spin around on this guy ala Linda Blair since he is the ONLY other person in the office that makes coffee other than yours truly. So instead, I just announce LOUDLY that it is annoying to have people just assume that other people will make it every single morning. One guy sticks his head out of his office because I have NEVER expressed myself to this degree in the year that we have all worked together in this building. Well...they know now.

9:02 I get my coffee and get back to my seat. I'm immediately asked if I've done something from 5:00 on Friday. Well...NO...because the guy sent it at 5:00 on Friday. I didn't make a note. I will give him bonus points for the ace on the "pass the buck" thing. Classic.

9:10 I start the 160 pounds of tax returns that I have to get through. This requires my Foo Fighters backup. I plug in and start out with "Monkey Wrench." The caffeine has kicked in. This is good.

11:30 Kids want lunch. I exhaust the majority of my points on this.

12:30 Back at work. Afternoon crawls...coworker from this morning still not speaking to me.

2:00 The air conditioning at work is not working properly. It is 80 degrees on our side of the building. Visions of the witch from the Wizard of Oz and "melting, melting" come to mind.

5:00 Leave work. Try to find a book at Books-a-Million. Fail to find book.

5:45 Go to Sonic drive-thru. Order two diet cherry limeades...they don't put the cherries in there...which just makes me sad...since it is my favorite part.

6:00 Pick up Jill. Listen to her rant about how Brian left her stuff in the car with him and how she needs it. This goes on for about an hour.

7:00 Jill and Big Dave go for a run. I get 30 minutes of peace.

7:30 The jerk on Twitter starts hounding me about not getting upset enough to suit him about something that we've been back and forth with for the past couple of weeks. He is SO blocked.

8:00 I start cleaning my room.

8:07 I give up.

11:18 I am writing this blog.

And my attitude still stinks. So, tonight before I go to sleep, I am going to note the following positive trends:

My sister, Linda, is arriving from France on Monday for 6 weeks.
I go on vacation in 10 days.
My daughter and son are both employed.
I'm employed.
The bills for June are paid.
David is working on a job and only has one client not paying on time.
He also has a couple of other people interested in bids.
My dog is not in season.
The pool liner has made it another year.
There's no way to lose enough weight to matter before vacation so...whatever.
The tuition for Alabama will be paid. Likewise with Trinity.
My son is dating someone and my daughter isn't.
I have a wonderful family and friends who tolerate me quite well.

I'm going to spend a lot of time looking up over the next 24 hours. I am obviously spiritually hungry. Later!

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