Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Letting It Run Its Course

Today a friend was at home with a sick son and was stressing a bit because he has not eaten in a few days. The usual medications were prescribed and dehydration had been addressed...but she was just worried that he didn't seem to be improving. Sometimes, illnesses just have to run their course. And while it certainly is no fun at the time, it must be endured.

Another friend has been going through some health issues with her mother, and is celebrating that they have completed the course of treatment. Now what is left to do is to wait, hope, and pray. They know that God is in control, but they also want to be the recipients of an overwhelmingly positive message from the tests. And I for one believe that they will get it.

But while illnesses and treatments generally follow a normal healing pattern, matters of the heart are a little trickier...to say the least.

Several weeks ago, my daughter was dealing with the various emotions that accompany a breakup. She was sad, in denial, angry, and then finally accepted it. Since that time, she has had a fairly active social life, but says that she is now quite interested in remaining single for the time being. The pain had to run its course...which cleared the way for her to look ahead.

Or at least I hope so. All of my posturing about having a young man pursue her that was strong enough to actually pick up the telephone has apparently been honored in the universe. Oh my. Guess we will have to see if THIS runs its course as well.

We normally associate something negative in our lives as something that we must tolerate for a period of time. We are so focused on the end result - having it stop - that we often miss the little reassurances, blessings, and growth through the pain, healing, or changes. As I see it, the time something runs its course is going to pass either way...you might as well make it productive.

I think that in these times when we are waiting God is closest to us. He is giving us the opportunity to change our perspective and get outside of our comfort zone a little bit. Often we will tap inner strength that we didn't know we had. As we struggle, He is watching us to see if we will fight or surrender to whatever it is, and He waits for us to ask for help.

And perhaps he allows us to struggle a little so that we start stripping away all of the unnecessary pieces that are weighing us down. I know that when I did the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer walks in 2000 and 2001, I left perfectly good items in trash cans along the route, because I got to a point where finishing the 60 mile course was far more important than holding onto anything that could easily be replaced.

So, as my friends are making sure that their family members are moving toward healing, they are offering nourishment, encouragement, prayer, and love to help get them there. My daughter has survived another "walk through the valley of the shadow of loser" (a phrase stolen from my friend, Carrie), and is currently on the telephone giggling with someone I'm told has a wonderful personality.

Or, perhaps - this, too, will run its course as well. We shall see...


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