Friday, June 12, 2009

Reality Doesn't Always Bite

After anticipating our house guest's arrival, I am pleased to say that everything has gone along really well. I mean...he DID arrive to find a piece of furniture that was moved from the study/spare bedroom in the foyer...but HEY, it was out of there by mid-afternoon. So the pine straw didn't get spread? Well, that's not the end of the world. Those two bales have been sitting behind the boxwood for the past three months...and I suppose they'll sit there for a few days (weeks or months) more. And although I was worried about the heinous neon orange comforter that is on the guest bed that was once in Jill's room...the house guest showed up today wearing - of all colors - orange. How awesome is that?

After experiencing a day this week that was so annoying that I've already "shared" it...I have found that some things this week have actually gone as planned or even better than expected. Shocking! For instance...I ordered cups for graduation gifts from Tervis Tumblers (they are personalized as well as have a little symbol on them (ie. Auburn University, University of Alabama, etc.)on Tuesday. They actually arrived in three days.

Other things have been as simple as actually having a piece of trash that I throw toward the trash can actually fall in there instead of on the floor beside it, a chain of green lights, sheets on sale that weren't marked, and just having the right songs show up on my iPod on "shuffle songs." For little pleasures...I am quite grateful.

So, after being at a hassle factor of 10, I've had some equally neat things that have totally offset them. All in the same week.

So, I suppose...reality doesn't ALWAYS bite. I mean...reality TV does (in my opinion)...but most everything else has a silver lining if we are just able to take the time to look.

Here's hoping that your weekend is one of the best ever. Hope that you have time to breathe, love and savor. As for me...I'm just pleased that the week has not been what I have traditionally characterized as a "bad week". Next week has potential to be, though...back to Rehab (Weight Watchers) on Monday. Later!

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