Thursday, August 13, 2009


Because I mentioned this in an earlier post, I wanted to attempt to tell this particular story so that the reference would make sense. I do not in any way wish to offend, so know that prior to reading this post. If you are still we go...

Several years ago, I became obsessed with going to the movies. I was fighting some mild depression, and I found that attending various movies made me feel better. I would go about once a week, and would go to a variety of films...primarily comedies, "chick flicks" and anything of a historical nature.

One night, during the previews for whatever else I was watching, I saw that the movie "Amistad" was being released. Apparently, having Steven Spielberg involved in the project and its historical nature attracted me to the theater that rainy Saturday afternoon while the children were probably napping or on a play date.

I purchased my large popcorn and coke and went into the theater. As it is my habit to arrive early, I chose a seat on the end and sat there waiting for the movie to begin. I noticed that people were coming in fairly steadily, but I was alone with my thoughts, and busy with my popcorn, so I didn't notice when fairly steadily turned into what a fast food establishment looks like when three buses of teenagers pulls up - chaos. There were people all around me, but I still had two seats between me and the next I was fine. My personal space was not invaded, and the movie was just about to begin. Whew!

Whew! nothing. Just as they started the previews, a lady and a man sat down right beside me. Had she sat by me, I would have been fine. But alas, NO. As a reflex, I looked around the theater to see if there might be another seat somewhere with a touch more personal space since I was there alone. It was then that I realized that there were no seats anywhere.

I also noted that I was the only white person in the theater.

The movie started, and one of the early scenes had naked people all over the decks of the slave ship. There are no words to describe how incredibly uncomfortable I was, so I just quietly munched on my popcorn and tried not to focus on that too much. I eventually put the unfinished bag of popcorn on the floor beside me as I reached in my purse for a napkin. My concentration was broken with the words...

"You gonna eat that?"

Yes. The gentleman beside me wanted my leftover popcorn. And you know what? I gave it to him. I would have drawn the line at my drink.

I spent the next two hours watching the movie and reflecting on the fact that the guy sitting next to me...the one who was sitting there while naked people flew all over the deck of a ship...was eating my a packed theater.

Since my "Amistad" experience, I have never been able to go to a movie that has been packed out. There are places in the theater where two people can sit and there are no other neighbors. I sit there...EVERY time I go.

And now you quote Paul Harvey...the rest of the story.

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