Friday, August 14, 2009


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much communication. And today was a prime example of information overload. I spent the entire day wrapped up in messages regarding sorority rush, a local bank being taken over, and what is going on with health care reform. Enough already.

I've realized that no matter how many people I communicate with, I am not ever really going to know who went where today during Recruitment as there are a total of 15 sororities and 44 girls from my town going through rush this year. I didn't even know last year, when I had my finger on the pulse even more keenly. I sequestered myself and honestly didn't know anything...and the truth was...I DIDN'T know anything. I wish I had...but it turned out okay nonetheless. This year, I am watching extremely carefully because not only do I care about a couple of the ones coming through, but because I want the work that the Phi Mu girls have done the past year to be rewarded with some awesome new sisters. Selfishly, I (of course) want some of them from this area.

I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D to the point of distraction today.

Every half hour, a breaking news bulletin about what was going on across town with a bank had my attention. I hurt for the people who were unsure of what was coming and what it will mean. I know several of the people affected. On one hand, I wish it weren't happening and that life in banking was still as pleasant as it once was...and on the other hand...I somehow find myself pleased to know that there is justice in this world. After decades of treating people poorly, it is possible that someone is about to get his just desserts as part of his three square meals and a cell. Maybe not...but that's the speculation. And is unfortunate on many levels.

I've also been listening to talk radio to hear the latest on what is going on in our country, and I'm finding that the push for power that seems to be the hallmark of the current administration is like a boil on the rear end of America. A boil that is about to be lanced and drained, and will eventually heal if staph doesn't set in or we don't all catch H1N1 or whatever they are calling "swine flu" this week. I firmly believe that there is about to be a purging and a return to basics as this great country was founded. Someone unearthed a tape of Ronald Reagan from years ago and played it on Hannity today. Words that were eerily familiar as Reagan spoke about socialism and universal health care...when he still referred to himself as an actor. Yeah, THAT long ago...

Too many people are seeing the light, and every day I am getting more and more hopeful that our united voices are going to be heard. While we used to be worried about who was getting voted off the island, we are now trying to figure out who we are going to vote for in the 2010 mid-term elections. People are actually tuning in more and more to discern for themselves what is going on, and are becoming more involved in contacting their elected representatives and are educating themselves on the issues. I cannot believe that this is not a good thing in a democracy.

So, today as I nearly gave myself a really good start on carpel tunnel syndrome with my text-a-thon regarding who went where for the various rush parties, I also realized that I have also now talked enough to get out my word allotment for the next several days. Ironically, I have expended a ton of energy in the process...but I have since realized that all of my listening and talking has really not changed a single thing. Not yet, anyway.

(On the bright side, I did find two dresses at Belk's and had a rare 30% off coupon that I scratched off at the register. The saleslady was excited and communicated that I was very lucky as most of the coupons were for 15% off. Who cares if the dresses are in size OMG!? Score!)

Recruitment will be over in two days. The girls going through will make their decisions, and there will be new Phi Mu sisters come Sunday. And while I'd love for them to be those I would never know what is going to fact, that's part of the fun of it all. I hope that we are chosen, but that decision is soon to be out of our hands.

With regard to my friends in the banking will all eventually work out. There has even been a buyer identified...and in a few months...nobody will even remember what went on before...except that I fear there will be a long trial if the rumors are true. I have to believe that the changes we are experiencing in our industry are necessary...and like everything else...we will get back to being bankers instead of all things to all people.

America will survive because there are too many of us who refuse to let a bunch of power hungry, fake, lying elected officials create a mess that will change our lives too dramatically even if they can override the will of the people and do what they want to do with or without us. Frankly, I find that these conditions are a "perfect storm" for God's will to shine through brightly. He can make happen what He wants to have happen because it is when it looks impossible that it becomes abundantly clear who is in control. I trust HIM...not a bunch of politicians. He will make it right, or He will one day make His purposes clear. That's just the way it is.

I have faith. I know that God is in control of all of this. He knows where each of those sorority girls needs to be...and He will see that they choose well. He knows that sometimes it does people good to see someone get exactly what they deserve and then some. He also knows that He allowed this country to be great because He was exalted. He has faith that we'll figure it out before it is too late. I just have to believe that this is true.

Here's to communication in all of its forms...friends talking, texting, disagreements, television reporting, talk radio, prayer, online newspapers, and of course...this blog. I personally think that I need a little break from some of it...and I'm looking forward to that...right after Bid Day on Sunday. Hope it's a good one!


  1. you are going to have to explain to me what you are doing in your "man on the street" position during rush...i don't recall much adult wisdom during our sessions.

  2. LOL! I was opening coke bottles every time the song "Jesse's Girl" started, counting napkins 45) and wiping condensation off of the bottles. It became a Pavlovian response after the fifth party (of 9) that day. Oh, they have it down to a science now...national has seen to that :)