Saturday, August 22, 2009


Maybe it is just me, but I find connections more and more the longer I live. Sometimes it is as simple as finding out that I go to church with a business associate (okay, okay, I DO go to a big church), or I find something in common with an old friend that neither of us had uncovered before.

Today, I listened as a speaker poured out her heart regarding the tragic loss of her young son in a drowning accident. She felt that God sent small blue dragonflies to comfort her as she kept seeing them everywhere. She learned that the dragonfly begins its life in water much like a caterpillar does on land. She realizes now that his life in heaven began like the water. With me, I have found that every year since my grandmother died in 2004, my gardenia bushes bloom in May...and in August (the month of her birth). She was absolutely crazy about gardenias, and I will never see one without thinking of her. My mother and aunt find pennies in the most unusual places, and consider these discoveries to be reminders of her presence. I also find them as well.

There are other connections such as hearing the name of someone you haven't seen in awhile, and then seeing that person. I rarely hear something once anymore that is not substantiated within a few days by something totally separate that makes me go "wow." I just feel that this is a way that God reminds me that we are all connected...and to pay attention.

You know, in some ways...that is what church really is. Being connected to each other. Some of us attend massive churches and we don't know the people that we sit beside. Little do we know that they are praying for the answer to a problem they have that we would be able to answer for them if only we would form a connection.

I also know that in my life I have been blessed to have been in the right place at the right time. I don't know why God has chosen to use me in this way, but He has. I have also been the beneficiary of other people who have been used to help me in the same way. Sometimes the stories are incredible...but not so much when you know that God is in control.

So, if you are led to speak to someone...just say hello. If you feel a tug in your spirit to write a note, place a telephone call, or give a hug...don't hesitate. Be those hands and feet. Remember...we are all connected. And the reason that we are still because there is work for us to do.

It is easy to be cynical when we focus on what is wrong out there. When we start to see what we have in common and earnestly try to understand each other's point of view, then we are taking steps in love. We are not responsible for the outcome...we are only responsible for our obedience and sensitivity of heart.

For those of you reading this to whom I am connected already, I know that I am blessed for your presence in my life. And in the event that we are not acquainted, I hope that perhaps I am communicating with you via my words here...much like others communicate with me in the same way. I am blessed for those known...and unknown connections.

So, when you see those connections in your life that tie you to people from your past and present...also know that your actions are affecting the future as well...often times in ways that you cannot imagine. Here's to opening our eyes, ears and hearts...

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