Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bad Movies

I have just spent the past three hours pouring over Facebook, Twitter, this blog, e-mail, and eBay. In the background, primarily because the kids are not in the house, I am watching a movie that is funny but so incredibly crude that I wonder why I have let it cycle back around. Oh yes...I'm watching it for the SECOND TIME. What kind of idiot does that? I suppose that because I love Kate Hudson...and like Dane Cook if he's on regular TV and they've cleaned up about a third of what he says. Good heavens. If this movie is like real life...and at least one source of information coming into this house indicates that it is...I must be older than I feel.

Tomorrow will be spent going to early church, and cleaning up this house. We spent the majority of the afternoon on various car lots looking for something to purchase. Naturally, we are looking for something that is affordable, safe, and "cute". Like most things in life, when there are three choices, you will get two of the can get a cheap, cute car, but it will be older. OR you can get a safe, affordable car, but it will be the vehicular version of the lady with the great voice on British Idol (or whatever they call it.) [OH, and if you have not heard Susan really need to find her on YouTube...or just turn on any random TV and there she'll be.] The third option is a safe, cute, car...but it'll cost ya. Yep, like most choices in life when there are three they say...two out of three ain't bad.

I just got a sweet text message from Her Highness. Hey! Maybe she's reading these. Nah. Later!

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