Friday, April 17, 2009

First Day the request of some of you who are accustomed to receiving my tomes and have said repeatedly that I ought to be doing you go. I feel a little weird putting my life out here in cyberspace, but it is likely that I've been doing that for years as it whatever.

What to talk about...hmm...could it be my latest obsession...Twitter? The fact that I am struggling in Rehab (Weight Watchers)? Nope...that's old news. Or how about the fact that everyone is out of the house tonight and I felt it necessary to sign on and try to figure this whole blogging thing out. I honestly have no idea.

I suppose that the thing that caught my attention today has been listening to the rants of Mark Levin on talk radio...the majority of which I totally agree with...but I do find it hysterical that he not only a #1 best selling author (Liberty and Tyranny...BUY IT)...he is also yelling on the radio nearly every day. This occurs right as I am getting off of his rants are coming at the very time when I should be feeling most relieved...but alas...NO. He tells us about the latest craziness coming out of Washington and after years of being totally clueless, I just force myself to stay engaged. As a result of the rants, though, I vacillate between despair and wanting to shout "Amen, brother."

Wow...was that the sound of every lib clicking off...assuming that you are even there?

ANYWAY, I formed the thought today that I should just call my family members (who are all liberals) and ask exactly what it is that this current spend-a-thon is supposed to solve. Spending like drunken sailors (with no offense meant to drunken sailors) is the equivalent of giving my daughter an American Express card and saying..."now...I need you to go stimulate the economy. Please." She'll accomplish that...but the bill will come in and then I'll be going WHAT???

I honestly, sincerely want to know the liberal view of the difference in liberals and conservatives...because I certainly "get" my position. I may ask these questions by mail...because I'm afraid that I'll go "Levin" on THEM...and that would make Christmas and the annual summer trip quite unbearable. The fact that I am the only conservative in my entire family coupled with the weight thing has made me - more than once - ask my mother if I am adopted. She swears I'm not.

See, I don't really buy the whole "bigger is better" thing when it comes to government. Am I a horrible person for wanting everyone to work that can work? I is even biblical. If you don't shouldn't eat. Now...does that mean that I'm saying that we should starve people who are on the dole? Nope. I'm just saying that I'd like people to work so that they don't have free time to figure out how they are going to break into my house and steal what I have worked for. Is that too much to ask? See...if people were working...we could even have less policemen because people would actually be doing something productive. Ya think?

Seriously. on this "bigger is better" thing...I mean, I'm bigger, and I'm trying to get smaller. Supersizing is almost as undesirable as smoking is right now. So, must we have a bigger government? I don't think so. I'd really prefer that the government assume that I have the good sense to operate the details of my life...I'd just like for them to do what they are supposed to do that I can't do for myself...defend with foreign know what I mean. I'd really appreciate it if I could decide whether or not I want to wear a seat belt, could actually have a say in what my child does since I am financially responsible for her if she messes up, and a little respect for my individuality.

Just because I think that liberals are nuts...most of them (save Jeanene Garofolo (which I fear is horribly misspelled)...who I really liked in "The Truth about Cats and Dogs" but whatever) tend to be very nice people. Totally adrift...but nice. Wish I could be portrayed - as a conservative - as something a step up from trailer trash with a sheet hanging in my closet. See? That's the whole problem right there. I may think that the liberal thought process is crazy, but I still accept the people. Liberals hate what I think...but they don't stop there...they go for the jugular on a personal level, too.

In my humble opinion, I'd like it if power weren't so intoxicating and lucrative to those who possess it or are trying to do so. I'd love to just assume that my congressman is doing what he is supposed to be doing and I could do what I am supposed to be doing...working and taking care of my family. But NOOOO.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I have a lot of opinions...and hope that I haven't alienated you on Day 1. If sorry. If not...come back and see if I have anything remotely interesting to say. It is highly probable that I do not...but then again...I can pretty much see the hilarity in most situations...just not today. Like the fact that I'm still writing because I'm not so sure what should happen next and so I keep typing and editing.

Guess I'll go check Twitter since eBay is not having its best week. I suppose it was Tax Day and everyone is either broke or busy attending tea parties. As for me...I've just enjoyed having a fairly normal one...week, that is. Later!

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