Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maiden Names

I have sincerely enjoyed being on Facebook the past couple of weeks and catching up with folks on a virtual level that I may be unable to visit with in person. With schedules, the demands of life, and the fact that we are all pretty slammed trying to fit in all that we want or have to do in a day anyway, getting out of touch just happens. In a couple of cases, it is due to the sheer impossibility of racking up enough frequent flyer miles to arrive on the doorstep...even with serious assistance from Capital One. So, as I've looked at the faces of those that I have known since childhood, attended Wesleyan College or Troy (State) University with, or worked beside daily...I realized that something is just TOTALLY unfair.

Maiden names.

I mean, I have been Karen Mixon for over half of my life, so I sometimes forget that I was once Karen Toner. My hair is lighter (thanks to Greg) and I'm just a little (an understatement) heavier than I was back then. Not to mention the other stuff that comes with the passage of time. Not that I am complaining about my gene grandmother lived to just shy of her 98th birthday. However, I do consider it a bit unfair that my sister, Linda, can have two kids in two years and still wear a size 2. She's mad because she's only 5'2". I'd gladly trade the three inches for the gazillion pound difference. I a few years, I'll be 5'2", anyway myself.

However, I am still able to type this without the benefit of glasses, although I really do see far better when I have them on. I also still have relatively good health, most of my mental capacity (that my kids didn't suck out of my brain via the two pregnancies), and I am still fairly flexible...which I find helpful because I no longer have any sense of balance whatsoever. But, hey, let's face it...I look like a Mom. And you know what? That's really okay with me.

See, growing up, I thought that a Mom drove a Country Squire station wagon with the wood paneling on the side, was the room mother/Brownie leader/carpool person, and used a pressure cooker. My mother drove a 1966 Mustang convertible, dressed like a model, and opened cans. While my kids are probably embarrassed that I'm "such a Mom"...I was a little bit embarrassed that my mother looked like anything but. That embarrassment later turned to awe. My mother is one of the most beautiful women I know. Always has been.

Some of the girls on Facebook went the same route as Mom and look better than they did in high school and college. I am quite envious...but trust me...I'm also giving you a high five for pulling it off. I'm sitting here in my stretch pants and wash and wear hair and my minimal jewelry. But you know what? I'm actually pretty happy!

I really do enjoy dressing my life sized Barbie - my daughter, Jill - and even get to shop in Victoria's Secret as long as she's with me. I used to think it was hilarious to go in without her and watch the sheer terror in the clerk's eyes when I asked for a thong in a size small. I'd let the girl squirm for a minute or two and then add..."for my daughter". Some things you just can't hide...that look of relief...was unmistakable.

What I realized in looking at some of the people online is that I am missing a link...and that link is their maiden name. I have always believed myself to have a good memory...but 25 years later...I'm a little rustier than I thought. So, if you don't have your maiden name on your profile...have mercy. And know that the reason I might not recognize you is not because you look worse...but because you probably look BETTER. That's a good thing, huh?

The guys have it easier...they just put their name on the profile and go with it. And truth be told...they all look great, too! I don't know if our particular classes in the early 80's have a Dorian Gray thing going on or what...but I think it rocks.

I have also found that the pictures help...and sometimes when I make the connection I feel like a total dork. However, I'm going to try to put more photos out there this that if you run into me in Target should you ever end up in Montgomery, AL or in Tuscaloosa at a University of Alabama football game or'll possibly recognize me.

The funny thing is...I don't know if there ARE any pictures of me.

I tend to be the one with the camera not the one in front of it. This is partly due to my scrapbooking insanity that started in early 1996. One day, when confined to a nursing home somewhere, I'll probably be shuffling down the hall mumbling "January 18, 1996" and noone will have a clue as to what it means. It was the date of my first scrapbooking party. So now you do. Very "Citizen Kane", don't you think?

ANYWAY, the scrapbooking mania has continued for the past 13 years...which constitutes a habit, I suppose. I have not been good about taking pictures this year because I am behind on my scrapbooking.

So, assuming that I can find any...I'll put more photos out there, and you help me out as well by doing the same. Granted, the pictures may be from 2006 (Europe trip)...but I promise to TRY.

And just so you know...even if we weren't best friends when we were living in the same dimension...the memories I have of you...whoever you are...are all happy ones. Thank you, Barbra Streisand. You may be a crazy left wing nut...but "The Way We Were" is spot on. Wonder if we did that one in Lee High Singers?



  1. Hello Mommi. I like your blog. It seems like your having fun learning how to use all these Internet things. Love you byebye Jill

  2. Hey baby girl! Did you take time off from looking at cars on the internet to read what your mom has been writing? I'm touched...:)

  3. Ok Erma K - are we going to go the route of new names for Jill----sister, girlfriend?

  4. Isn't it funny that I frequently have to use my maiden name in order to connect that person with my connection to mother?

    Oh, the things we wish we have of our mother? Height, hair color, size, personality..... yet, I'm thankful I got bits and pieces of her....not into being a complete clone yet!

    And now I know that I have to sign in to my google account before I can post my comments.

  5. are hysterical. And you look so much like your mother already...I already know which way that wind is going to blow! And no...Jill is not going to be "sister." We're sticking with "Her Highness" as it seems to suit her. Ironically, my name was "Sister" until my little sister, Linda, turned 12.