Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ironies of Life Part I

Last night, before the part I talked about in my last post, I had a truly funny and ironic moment. I'll try to set the stage for you...but I don't want you to think it's a big deal...just confirmation to me that God has a sense of humor.

I arrive at 5:30, get my stuff, and since I'm not weighing, I don't really have anything much to talk to anyone about...so I find my seat at the back of the room and sit.

I read the stuff they gave me...the blackboard...my text messages from the day...a random ad in my purse...and then it hits me...I have Pati.

Yep, Pati the iPod...named after the holiday closest to my birthday...St. Patrick's Day...and because Pati is green. Jill spelled it that way...not moi. I'm sure that the people at Apple have that spelling on Pati's birth certificate, and I just don't have the energy to change it. But I digressed, didn't I?

So, I detangle Pati's earphone cords and the charger from the Ziploc freezer bag that she lives in along with the armband for when I exercise (as if) and tried to turn her on. Then I remembered...as I do every time I turn Pati on that I have to move the red button thingy from the top before she'll actually work. I somehow accomplish this, and then push the "shuffle songs" command. I close my eyes, lean back in my chair against the wall and wait.

And then I realize what I am listening to...it is Collective Soul's "Heavy."

Only I would be sitting there listening to a song called "Heavy" in Weight Watchers. Some of the lyrics include, "and all your weight it falls on me...it brings me down...it brings me down..." Yes. And I'm laughing hysterically to myself.

And then I just turn it up and rock out. Until my other back row friends arrive. Then they want to talk about how much weight they've lost. One of the back row peeps has lost over 150 pounds. All I can think about is how much money I've lost on this latest stint in rehab.

Anyway, that really happened. No lie.

I hope that you all are well. I act like any of you is actually reading this. Oh well. I'm going to do a girls 10th grade bible study at Trinity in the morning. Please pray that I get up in time. I'm making pigs in the blanket (that I can't eat...I mean...I CAN eat it, but I'd like to eat something else the rest of the day.) I'm also bringing fruit. Bingo. I've been writing down my stuff today. Day 2 and all is well.

Rock on.

If you have something you'd like for me to write about...let me know. If not, you'll be getting these every day in cyberspace whether you actually care or not.


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