Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cards - Day 22

Every year, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is receiving Christmas cards. I enjoy seeing the familiar addresses and handwriting on the outside...and the beautiful cards chosen and the pictures enclosed on many of them. I keep my Christmas cards in my scrapbooks...and I have been able to watch children grow from babies to toddlers, to elementary schoolers to high school graduates over time. I love seeing the notes that people who have been special to me have left in the cards for me to reflect on years after the sentiments were first written.

Sometimes we see the giving and receiving of Christmas cards as one of those practices that is not as necessary in the world of e-mail and online photo album sharing. But there is something special about opening the mailbox and gathering something other than an ad, a coupon, or a bill. Something that someone went to the trouble to send to us to enjoy...and to let us know that they consider us important to them.

I suspect that the time will come when I may no longer have cards with photos of children on the front...but instead will have letters inside outlining what the family has been doing over the year. I have not shifted to doing family letters yet...but I'm certainly not ruling it out!

Cards connect us through years and miles. People that knew me when I was young send cards as do people I work with and see often. I treasure each of them...and am grateful for the relationships that I have with the people that send them from all over the country.

If I were writing you a Christmas card today, it would wish you not only a wonderful and peaceful season...but joy and success in the coming year. I'd also include a picture of my beautiful children...both of which I am very proud. I'd probably even try to get Dixie and Rebel to behave and sit still...we've done it a couple of times.

As you open cards and think of those who sent them to you...put them somewhere in the open where you can say a little prayer for those who sent them to you during the next few days. Think about them during your days and realize how blessed you are to have had those relationships. I know I'll be doing the same...

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