Friday, December 18, 2009

Sugar and Spice - Day 18

Sugar and spice and everything allegedly what little girls are made of. To me...that's what Christmas seems to be made of. Lots of sugar! So, to offset the sugar, we have to have something salty...then sweet...then get the picture.

I love the sweet parts of the holiday...the Christmas story...the beautiful Christmas songs...pretty packages...wonderful baked goods. The food is as Buddy the Elf (in "Elf") says..."candy, candy corn, candy canes, and syrup (as the major food groups we eat during the holidays)." If we have a sweet tooth...there is no end to the possibilities! Every break room at work is loaded down with sweets and treats. Our friends bake and send us samples. Others prepare their seasonal best in cakes, candy, cookies, and pie and invite us to indulge. And indulge. And indulge!

But we all know...after the sugar high...comes the sugar crash. We indulge all right...knowing that January will be a month of carrots and celery. We get our expectations high...only to have the blues a day or so after Christmas. We seem to run the gamut of the extremes...and sometimes it isn't pretty!

Or maybe it is the spice that attracts you...the smell of wassail or the nutmeg in eggnog. Delicious!

Here's hoping that your Christmas is a soft but sweet reminder of what is truly important. That the aggravations and unimportant will simply melt away. Enjoy the sweetness of a child's smile, the hug of a teenager, and the laughter of old friends. Savor time with older relatives and the traditions that define your family. Keep it all in balance. It goes so fast!

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