Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giving - Day 15

In our increasingly cashless society, I have found that sometimes I fear the red kettle (Salvation Army). I am a banker, and in the manner of the cobbler having barefoot children...I often don't carry cash. I want to be able to put a dollar or two in...so I dig around (in panic) until I manage to scrape together a little bit of money to drop in.

I know that the money will go to a good cause. I know that the bellringers are volunteers primarily. I also am fully aware that they will be standing there...as sure as I know that the Girl Scouts will be manning the grocery stores and WalMart during cookie season. But you know...I feel wonderful when I have that opportunity to give. I really do. Every time.

There are times when we see opportunities to give and we are afraid to step out in faith. We are worried that our gift won't be enough...or it will be misinterpreted. We try to gauge if it is something we should do or not. And in waiting...we miss the opportunity to bless others and to be blessed in return.

The holiday season gives us so many chances to give. We can pick an angel off a tree, support a family that is down on their luck, give to the local food bank, or do what my friend Carol did last year...purchase a goat through World Vision. Or we can drop a couple of dollars into a kettle.

I hope that you will feel the joy of giving immensely this holiday season. Give what you can...but within your means. Give of yourself...your time...your existing possessions that you are ready to pass along. Enjoy the feeling that boomerangs back to you as well. And keep a couple of dollars in the car for those kettles!

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