Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stars - Day 20

I love dark clear nights when you can see the stars...and can trace the patterns that you learned as a child. The "big dipper" or the "little dipper" are about as far as I know...but I've heard other people point out constellations that have long or romantic sounding Greek mythology-like names.

It amazes me when I look up and see the millions of stars that dot the sky. But it is always possible for me to find the North Star...the brightest one.

On many Christmas trees we see stars on top...stars that represent the star of Bethlehem. To me, seeing stars reminds me of the vastness of the universe and how each star is a light in a sea of darkness...just as we are told to be.

Stars have five points...and hopefully our holidays do as look reach remember...and to enjoy. Celebrate tonight by looking up at the stars. Say a silent prayer of thanksgiving for all of the blessings in your life...and remember that in the grand scheme of things...all of the worries of this life are temporary. Leave them in the darkness...and focus on the points of light.

Stars...points of light in a field of darkness. Bright lights on top of Christmas trees in humble homage to the light of the world. It is my hope that you'll see that light very brightly this Christmas season.

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