Saturday, December 5, 2009

Simple Pleasures - Day 5

Sometimes we have one of those days where we have the opportunity to appreciate our blessings. We awake refreshed, the sunrise is beautiful, and we have time to spare before getting on with our day. Every light is green on our way to where we are going, and if it is to work...we get that space we like next to the door...and someone has brought breakfast and left it in the breakroom.

The workday flies by and we even receive words of praise about something we have accomplished. There are no bills in the mail, the house is somewhat clean, and the aroma coming from the roast in the crockpot is phenomenal. You turn on the television and your favorite movie (or sports event, or television show, or whatever) is on, and you just have a wonderful day.

Can you ever have enough of these? Me either!

I have found that when my schedule fills up, my patience decreases at the same rate. When I expect something to be wonderful, there will be a last minute complication that will render it more nervewracking than I want it to be. Amazing how that happens!

This season, I'm going to attempt to find small, simple pleasures that surround me every day that I take for granted...and elevate them to my notice. I'm going to enjoy the smell of a neighbor's fireplace burning down the street, a yummy sample of egg nog in the grocery store, or a Christmas card that comes in the mail with children that have grown a year older featured on the front. I want to focus on the simple pleasures of the season. Those little nuances that "make" the season the season for us. It will be Christmas whether we choose to enjoy it or not. The key this year is to savor every little wonderful moment that I can.

I am past the days of the number of days until Christmas looms like an unwelcome guest when I remember what is undone. But why shouldn't we anticipate the wonder of it?

It is for that reason that you have received this message. Hopefully, you will enjoy the simple pleasures that each day brings...and again have some of that a small way...of wonderful things to come.

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