Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skittles - Day 9

I am a huge fan of Skittles candy. It is like a little bag of happiness to me with its colorful and fruity little pellets. They've branched out in recent years from the regular bag which has red, orange, yellow, green and purple into a tropical bag, a berry bag and even chocolate (a colossal failure in my opinion...but whatever).

Like most people, I have a hierarchy of the bag of Skittles...from the best to the worst. Red is my favorite, followed by purple, orange, yellow, and green. My kids tend to like them in the opposite order than I do...which has always worked out extremely well for all of us.

During the holidays, we have a mixed bag don't we? There's parts of it that we adore...and other parts that others appreciate far more than we do. That doesn't mean they aren't all is simply a matter of preference. And preferences change from yeat to year I've found.

I've noticed that over the past ten years or so the adults in my family have increasingly stated that they don't really need anything for Christmas except restaurant gift certificates. After downsizing a few homes and dealing with the resulting storage buildings and disposal of items...they are no longer in need of anything. If something needs replacing during the year...they replace it. Yet, something in me wants to give them something that they will be surprised and excited to receive.

While I don't mind treating them at all...I do long for the days of being able to give them a "red" (as in my favorite) gift instead of what to me is a "green" one (not my favorite). What I have to remind myself is that the "green" gift I am giving is a "red" one to them!

Enjoy the variety...and the color and flavors of the holidays. I know I will be doing the same. And remember that we all have a different hierarchy of favorites. I know that my family believes that one of my favorite gifts to receive is appliances. Other than the KitchenAid mixer I received last year...I have to admit that receiving something for the kitchen is not my favorite. But is a family tradition. Mom (me) gets an appliance for Christmas (and every holiday, sadly). Maybe our gift lists reflect similar "traditions" that need to be changed! But then again...perhaps not. I do need a new hair dryer...

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