Thursday, December 17, 2009

Games - Day 17

My family is a group of fierce competitors. Almost every gathering will end up with a game being pulled out. We had family game night...before family game night became cool. We played everything from Trivial Pursuit to Scattergories to Boggle.

Most of us love trivia, cards, and puzzles. We love crossword puzzles, word search...and suduko. We are suckers for nickel slots, baseball, football and the Olympics.

I understand that games are not only entertaining, but they tend to keep our minds sharp. Must have been grandmother was well into her 90s when she died...after a lifetime of this kind of mental gymnastics and competition.

I use these same skills to try to get from the 1st of December to Christmas Day. There are so many wonderful things to experience and so many things that I have to do! It is a large puzzle that has to be solved...but the exhilaration of actually having it all work out is quite amazing!

When you have your family together for the holidays...enjoy playing games...and watching sports together. There is nothing more wonderful than having the time together and the unchecked laughter that will inevitably result. Unless of are a bad sport.

I have been from time to time. The game "Dirty Santa" brought out the worst in me for several Christmases. I faced it head on and got over my obsession with winning what I wanted...and just enjoyed playing the game. The year that I finally relaxed...was the year that I actually got a great prize without even meaning to!

Laugh...cheer...enjoy! (And don't get mad if you lose!)

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