Saturday, December 19, 2009

Magic - Day 19

I am fascinated by things that are magic. How two people meet and fall in love or how babies come from how they do through a nine month journey to become totally indispensable members of our families. I even think that Disney is magic to some they can get people to keep coming back despite the cost, the crowds, and the changing characters day after day...year after year. I even enjoy watching magicians make items appear or disappear in spite of my best efforts to track their tricks.

Magic is a part of the holiday season that we are trained to expect from the time we are babies. Santa coming into our homes and dropping off toys...or the Elf on the Shelf moving from place to place. The magic of the season captivates our young hearts...and we spend the rest of our lives attempting to recapture it for ourselves while replicating it in the lives of those entrusted to our care.

I love seeing the eyes of my children light up when they get more than they think they will...or when they get an item that they had convinced themselves was out of reach. I love seeing someone's face when they see an unexpected card or package come their way. That's part of the joy of Christmas!

Over two thousand years ago...God did a little magic of His own. He sent us His Son as a gift. It is due to that magic that we have hope. It was quite a sleight of hand...don't you think? Putting a prince in a manger...born to a teenage mother...with a star as a neon sign to draw some folks out of the field to meet Him. Amazing.

Create a little magic of your own this Christmas...and don't forget to share!

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