Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Traveling - Day 2

Traveling is a passion of mine. You wouldn't know it by the lack of stamps in my passport or the number of frequent flyer miles that I do not have. But it is. I can assure you that if I had adequate funds...I'd make the time to travel more frequently. For me, travel is the taking in of sights that I've read about but never seen on my own, of being totally in the moment and of paying close attention to the sounds, smells, and scenes that surround me. Plus, as a scrapbooker, it gives me plenty of inspiration for creating albums that I can enjoy for years to come.

During the holiday season, many of us choose to travel. It may be across country to see family, or across town to visit old friends. It may be to church, to look at Christmas decorations in various yards in town, or to see Santa at the mall. But it is from point A to point B...and thus constitutes travel. In fact, sometimes it is more difficult to make those shorter trips than the much longer ones!

But for every wonderful facet...there can also be an equally not so wonderful one. Travel to some is equivalent to a major hassle. Seeing people is wonderful, but the joy is somewhat offset by the trouble that it took to board a plane or load a car. The hustle and bustle wears on us rather than energizes us. Arriving erases much of this, but for some...the anticipation of traveling is a part of the holidays that many people find nearly unbearable to think about.

The Christmas story certainly had travel hassles. Mary and Joseph set off on a journey in a crowded city late in her pregnancy. She had nobody to stay with in town, no clear agenda outside of getting counted in the census, and was apparently without any assistance during childbirth. But she managed.

We all do during the holidays. We may not be in a crowded city or airport but instead find ourselves stuck in an endless line in Walmart. We may not be actually be displaced...but are possibly sleeping in close quarters. Our purpose in traveling for the holidays may not be "official" business...but for many families...failure to answer the roll call is almost unthinkable.

This holiday grateful that there are people in your life that prompt travel plans. Even if the travel is only through the memories of your heart...or require unbelievable hassle. Think back to the wonder of travel...and try to recapture that again this holiday season.

Yes, it is difficult to travel...but sometimes when we do...we get an unexpected bonus. Words that need to be said are spoken. The gift of time is shared. Memories are made. Bonds are strengthened. So...enjoy!

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