Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I went into Ulta because I had a coupon. I didn't really have an agenda...just a little bit of time to kill before I needed to be at a church tonight, and I was hoping to let them know that Jill completed her application for re-hire online and that she is ready to work a ridiculous number of hours while she is home for the holidays. I don't know if that is true or not...but it is in my little world.

But the reason I went in? Definitely the coupon. And is not good until the 5th of this month. Woe is me. I did manage to get a free Yankee candle for buying other candles that I did not I did not leave completely empty handed. I am sending Jill some for her final exam care package since she gets furious over junk food (no matter how well intended). I take this as further proof that as her mother since I haven't been a stellar least I can take comfort in being a terrible warning as warped and sad as that actually is when I think about it.

I then took my 20% off one item coupon over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to attempt to find something just totally awesome for someone. I actually found several totally awesome somethings for someone. I just can't identify the someone. Other than me - that is. Although Santa purchased me a blow dryer tonight at Ulta, my family thinks it is ultimo tacky for me to purchase all of my gifts and thus deny them the opportunity to purchase an appliance that I do not want. My enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is the center ring of entertainment in the circus otherwise known as my family purchasing me a gift for any major holiday or observance.

I came home and found my new candle holders that were a free gift with purchase. A free gift to ME that is. I'm not sending these to the recipient of the gift that these were free with because I do not want to unless I can't find something to do with them. I consider this a commission of sorts for dealing with all of the loveliness that is online shopping. Yay for me!

I then got an e-mail from the people at informed me that the December coupons were online. I love this! I purchased a jar of Vlasic pickles today for .49 and a package of Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix for .59. Granted, these items were "buy one get one free" and then the coupons were doubled...but whatever. The fact that I need a package of cookies like I need another armpit...matters not.

This Christmas, I am trying to be frugal...but have found it harder to do when I have a really awesome coupon in my little fist. But I do love a bargain. Not enough to stay online for five hours like my coworker did to get a deal on CyberMonday...but he also stayed up all night on Thanksgiving and did the whole Black Friday experience. I would have been hallucinating at about the time everyone was just getting out there. He must have been seriously pumped up to have even attempted Toys R Us at midnight or Old Navy at 3 a.m. I mean, really? Granted, he did get the $15 jeans that I did not get because Big Dave wears the most common size in all of western civilization...but it is really fine.

So, as you go out into the great shopping meccas or check out the standards like or just "google" coupons for wherever you are headed. It really has made a huge difference in what I've been able to do this season. Thank goodness. I hope that you end up enjoying the thrill of the hunt...but not so much so that you need serious therapy in January. I know that in my case...I'm almost through. I've been fortunate in that we draw names...and Jill gave me her list in I'm ahead of the game. I can't speak for Big Dave, he enjoys not purchasing squat until the last conceivable minute...which may explain the appliances I always receive. Hmmm....

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